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Feb 20, 2007 04:47 PM

Cheap lunch w/vegetarian options - Silver Lake/Echo Park

I'm having lunch with a friend in the Silver Lake/Echo Park area tomorrow. We're looking for not too expensive with vegetarian options, and healthy-ish would be good too. What's up with Town & Country? Is Elf open for lunch?
Thanks in advance 'hounds.

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  1. Town & Country is very average - ok sandwiches etc - sometimes spotty service.
    Elf is closed for lunch. Gingergrass is Vietnamese w/ good vegie options( a killer tofu curry pot) -fun place for lunch. Madame Matisse has really good salads for lunch - atmosphere a little funky. Blairs is now open for lunch - they have some good vegie salads that run around $9 or so.

    1. Alegria on Sunset would be my top choice probably (Mexican).

      A little overpriced for what it is, but KP's deli has banh mi and other Vietnamese sandwiches, with a couple of vegetarian options. And Pho Cafe on Sunset is at least decent - heard mixed things about their trust-worthyness in terms of vegetarian-ness.

      re: Gingergrass (above) make sure to ask about fish sauce. I'm not sure, but I seem to remember they can't do their curries without fish sauce there.

      1. Also, if you're ok with a vegan place, you could try Green Leaves Vegan or Vegan House, which are both in the area (I recommend the former) --

        If you're willing to go over to Eagle Rock, you could try the Taco Spot, Blue Hen, or Fatty's (if it's open).

        1. Check out the tiny Soy Cafe on Hyperion near Lyric, across from Casita del Campo. They make a delicious tofu + shitake banh mi sandwich and a soyskin + mushroom rice noodle dish. They have weird hours, and are closed on Fridays and the weekend, though.