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Feb 20, 2007 04:46 PM

Cheap Eats in New Jersey

I just picked up the February 2007 issue of NJ Monthly which has a feature story on places where you can "pig out on $15 or less". I haven't finished the article yet but it seems to have a lot of good recommendations. About 30 places are mentioned under the headings:

Hot Dogs
And More.

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  1. So .....any particularly chow worthy???

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    1. re: Marcharlan

      Looking at the list...

      Definitely Pete & Elda's, in Neptune. Our favorite spot for pizza. Yum! And the regular Italian food is not too shabby either.

      Sciortino's, in S.Amboy. This is a place that has been on my "go to" list for quite some time. When they moved from Perth Amboy to S. Amboy, for some strange reason, I had difficulty finding their new address. Now that I have it....

      Blue Fish Grill, in Flemington. We haven't been, but I don't doubt it's excellent because it's owned by the same guys as Matt's Red Rooster, which we have been to and really liked. On the list for a spring/summer trek to Flemington. (Note: If you aren't into outlet shopping, which I'm not, but are looking for something interesting to do in that vicinity, check out Northlandz, an absolutely astounding train museum. )

      1. re: RGR

        RGR - I never understood the fascination with Pete & Elda's or Vic's pizzas for that matter. At both places, the crust is just to thin/matzoh like to enjoy it. I guess you either love em or hate em. That being said, I do love thin crust pizza ala DeLorenzo's in Trenton or the forner Una Pizza Napoletano in Pt. Pleasant. Just my 2 cents.

        1. re: bgut1

          I agree, RGR. The crust is much too think for me....

        2. re: RGR

          Ugh. Can't stand Sciortino's. Soggiest pizza I've ever had. Don't understand how it got such a good rep - must be graded on a curve.

          1. re: piccola

            Amen! Thought that the first time it was an off day, made the mistake and returned to Scurgtino's, SOS. Piccola, where do you go for good 'Za in the S. Amboy area. Have you tried Coffaro's in South River? I come down from Maine once a month to help my mom and am frustrated in trying to find the great pizza I remember as a kid.

        1. re: HillJ

          Thanks for this link. I should have thought of it myself when I posted the initial message.

          One important point: as the writers note, the list is not meant to be a "best of" survey and many favorite spots may be missing. They also made an attempt to seek "geographic and culinary diversity". NJ Monthly has always taken heat from people in south Jersey who often feel snubbed.

        2. The burgers (less than $5.00 and HUGE) in Arthur's Tavern (about 5 No. Jersey locations) are fabulous. I am a dreaded "rare" burger eater and they always come perfectly done. I like the fact they grind the meat there, it helps with my inevitable defense of my taste for rare with other diners. The house made pickles and creamy cole slaw are crisp just yummy. Burger buns are fresh, buttered and grilled. Stay away from desserts, they are brought in and nothing to write home over.

          Arthurs is mainly known as a steak house, but I buckle for the buttery burger almost every time. Ahhhhh....

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          1. re: dawner119

            Also try the Pork chops, Thick, brined and finished on the grill. They are not always on the specials menu, so be sure to ask.and at $12.00 ,a steal.

          2. Blue Fish Grill in Flemington is not to be missed - great food, great prices. Please note that they aren't open all that late, and sometimes close earlier than you might expect - but well worth a trip