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Jun 24, 2005 01:22 AM

Are there any good restaurants on Haight Street?

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For the first time in years, I will be on Haight Street next week. Is there a good place to go between Stanyan and Masonic for dinner?

I would also consider the Carl & Cole area.

Thanks so much.

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    If you are up for a very early dinner or perhaps a late lunch, try the Pork Store Cafe for delicious pork chops or hamburgers. Problem is, they close at 3:30 weekdays and 4:00 on the weekends. Come to think of it, it's more of an all-day celebration of breakfast, really, but still...

    Pork Store Cafe
    1451 Haight Street (near Masonic)
    SF, CA (415) 864-6981

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    1. re: wedgeheadjunkie

      After giving this some further thought, here are some better dinner reco's for you:

      Blue Front Cafe has mostly Mediterranean cuisine, but with a decidedly healthy twist. Lots of inexpensive vegan options to go with wraps and burritos. 1430 Haight -- (415) 252-5917.

      El Balazo has great burritos -- try the cactus! 1654 Haight -- (415) 864-8606.

      Kan Zaman for Moroccan delights -- try the flavored hookahs with different tobaccos after dinner. 1793 Haight -- (415) 751-9656.

      If you could expand your geographic limitation here, I would definitely suggest two more:

      Rosamunde for savory grilled sausages of all sorts -- try the smoked duck or the Merguez (spicy lamb and beef). Quench your thirst with Belgian ales next door at Tornado. 545 Haight (415) 437-6851.

      Memphis Minnie's has great hamburgers and fries to go along with some decent, but not the best, ribs and assorted barbecue. 576 Haight (415) 864-7675.

      1. re: wedgeheadjunkie

        As they say, different strokes for different folks. Memphis Minnies is the best barbecue I've had out here (Bay Area) and at least equal to any I've had in Kansas City (I grew up in Missouri) or Texas (less experience). It's the real thing.

        1. re: Mick Ruthven
          ChowFun (derek)

          and I am partial to their brisket..but not their ribs...and none of their sauces are to my I usually buy the brisket, bring it home and use my own sauce..which isn't really needed since the flavor is so good without it (I always ask for "Not lean"!
          Their brunch is transcendant, with Real grits, home made bacon, corn beef hash, corn muffins etc etc...LOVE their brunch...I think I'll go tomorrow!!!

          1. re: ChowFun (derek)

            Regarding Pork Store, I don't know why it gets so many recommendations. Its just cheap, greasy hangover food, there's nothing "quality" about it. Every now and then someone lures me there and I'm always slightly bitter about wasting the calories on crap. I have heard from someone I respect that the philly cheesesteak on the lunch menu is very good, but I have yet to try it.

            If you go later rather than earlier, ring my buzzer. (If you don't remember the number, ask Bob, he knows). I might be able to join you and/or have some samples for you to taste test.

            Since our kitchen is finally done - I'm doing some experimental baking with the new Viking (my old oven was wildly inaccurate so I haven't baked in years). Anyway, Saturday am I'll be testing some "true english scone" recipes -the kicker is I'm comparing regular cream & butter raw cream & raw butter. yeehaw!

            1. re: Pssst
              ChowFun (derek)

              Later it do you define later...I know what street, just not the number...congtats on the kitchen and new stove.I love scones...I have 4 bottles of raspberry jam open...I was doing a taste comparison...should I bring some?

              1. re: ChowFun (derek)

                after 11. sure, raspberry jam sounds nice. email me and I'll send you the number.

            2. re: ChowFun (derek)

              Memphis Minnie's has brunch? I just don't see any mention of it on their website. Thanks

              1. re: BK5

                it is, sadly, no more.

                You are also replying to a three year old post. Your confusion is somewhat understandable, as it is EXACTLY three years old and i suppose you probably only looked at the month and day.

      2. Depends if you want formalish or informal.

        In Cole Valley, there is EOS wine bar and restaurant. They have some good small plates and a good wine selection. There is also Grandeho Kamekyo, which has decent Japanese food and sushi in a nice setting. Zazie is reliable informal French food. There is also a renowned small sushi joint on Carl that I still have not gone to for some bizarre reason.

        Upper Haight proper is kind of sadly lacking in any sort of fine dining, but there are lots of good informal places, and some terrible ones.

        I have actually really been enjoying the food at Magnolia Brew Pub lately, Haight and Masonic. The gorgonzola burger and the pizza are very good, and they cook with a lot of local organic ingredients.

        Otherwise, I think someone else suggested some good informal options, like Kan Zaman etc. Siam Lotus and Ploy II are decent Thai spots.

        Places on Upper Haight I would recommend *avoiding*:
        - Citrus Club (pan-Asian, NO FLAVOR), do not be fooled by long lines)
        - Fu Wah (not that any self-respecting chowhound would even consider going in here, but this Chinese joint is sketchy!)

        If you are willing to go to Lower Haight, as wedgeheadjunkie said, there are better options. I actually like the food at RNM. I second recommendations for Memphis Minnie's BBQ and Rosamunde. I also like Indian Oven (though this is a very controversial topic on this board) and Thep Phanom Thai is very very good.

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        1. re: Celeste

          I second your EOS recommendation. I'd say its pricing is midrange, certainly on the high end for the neighborhood, but the food and such is quite tasty.

          I'd also second your vote against Citrus Club--I found the food to be targeted at an uninitiated white audience that wants a bit more than orange beef or sweet & sour pork but not an authentic food experience. For someone who enjoys real thai/vietnamese/chinese food, this place isn't worth the calories.

          1. re: Steve G

            I will stand up as a dissenter on this. I have found that at least a few of the soups here are very good, definitely not traditional but delicious. I lived a few blocks away for years and now that I have moved, when a cold starts to come on, so does a craving for the spicy golden coconut noodles. The chicken soup isn't half bad either.
            However, though I tried a good number of them over the years, I never liked any of the non-soup noodle dishes.

        2. I don't think anyone has mentioned Bia's on Haight. from

          "Bia's offers all organic food. The cuisine is Mediterranean with emphasis on Greek, Turkish, and Persian. We are the only wine bar on Haight Street and are considered the only serious restaurant on Haight St. We have an in-house bakery and freshly bake our own bread. All desserts are home-made as well. And not least of all, there is outdoor dining in the secluded garden in the back."

          i liked that location when it was called Zare, and i thought that they only changed the name to Bia's since Zare always had trouble drawing in customers. now i think Bia's is an entirely new place. i can't vouch for it. the back patio used to be nice though.

          i'll second the recommendations for Ploy 2, El Balazo, Magnolia, Eos, and Grandeho's Kameyko. i've had good pad thai at the Citrus Club, but then again i've never had bad pad thai so i don't know if CC is any better or worse than other places.


          1. t
            the tablehopper

            I enjoyed a small plates Med/Middle Eastern dinner @ Maroc--1725 Haight St. Same owners as Bambuddha Lounge... they have nice cocktails, phyllo "cigars" with tasty little bits of fish inside, a delish salt cod brandade, and some other nibbly small plates... it's a small and stylish place considering how bleak so many other options are...

            Another fun surprise is the pizza Jason Pearce is doing at club deluxe on thu, fri and sun nights, starting at 7pm. His pizza is outstanding: great crispy crust (organic) with sesame in it (Sicilian style) and good choice of toppings--I had prosciutto and artichoke hearts the other night, total heaven. He has been perfecting the crust for years, and it shows. Total surprise to have such delicious pizza in a bar, or all places.

            Buon apetito!

            1. Avoid Blue Front Cafe if you like good chicken gyros. The meat was grey or BLUE for Blue Front Cafe. Gross. I've reviewed the place if you care to read. Overall, not a good experience.