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Feb 20, 2007 04:04 PM

Santa Barbara Dinner [moved from L.A. board]

Any ideas for a group of 10 people for dinner in Santa Barbara? Foodies from LA are hard to please!

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  1. There are lots of posts on Santa Barbara so you can probably get some good ideas.

    Some of the high end restaurants if that's what you are looking for are: Bacara-Miro, Stonehouse, Wine Cask, Bouchon, Downeys.

    If you describe styles and price ranges, you might get some more specific suggestions.

    1. Hard to find a right on place for critical "foodies from LA" anywhere in Santa Barbara, let alone 10 of them. There is okay dining in this town, and occasionally inspired dining from time to time, but never consistently in any one restaurant. Santa Barbara should not be known as a food town, because it is not. One can pay money for food here and many have money to spend here, but that does not translate as a serious cuisine town. It is not, but it has a few places that make a good effort.

      And the range of cuisine, ambiance and prices makes it impossible to be more specific to your request, as stated above.

      1. Sojurner Cafe, The NAtural Cafe, good health food, Sojurner has a nicer atmosphere, food is good at both.

        The Coldsprings Tavern on the San Marcos pass between SB and Santa Ynez. Order from the Santa Barbara Shellfish company...good fish, not room for ten inside, though.

        Opal on State St.