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Feb 20, 2007 03:57 PM

Best Tuna Sub

Where can I get the best and biggest tuna sub in the greater Boston area not in Boston? I'm talking about a tuna sub that is served on french bread or a giant sub roll. I've had the tuna subs at D'Angelo's but I'm looking for a local mom and pop place. Does anyone have a favorite place for a great tuna sub? One of my favorite places for a tuna sub is D'Agostino's Deli in Winchester Center. Any recommendations would be appreciated.

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  1. Probably not what you had in mind, but Neptune Oyster in the North End does a superb riff on vitello tonnato: theirs is a sandwich with tuna tartare, roasted veal, cucumber salad, and spicy mustard, plus a pile of their excellent fries. Awe-inspiring, much better than their vaunted lobster rolls. Lunch there in general is an amazing experience, if a bit of a splurge.

    Two other great tuna sandwiches can be had at Domenic's in Waltham. The "tonno" is
    Italian tuna in olive oil, black olive tapenade, marinated artichokes, and baby greens on their awesome mini-loaves of ciabatta. (it's an Italian bakery). The "Mediterranean tuna" is a more traditional tuna salad with roasted peppers, olives, capers, lettuce, and tomato. Both fantastic, though I prefer the tonno.

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      These sound great - I think a long lunch is in order to try this place out. Where abouts on Main Street is Domenics?

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        Just past the fork in the road, a little past the main drag. 900 something I think.

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          Domenic's is located at 987 Main Street in Waltham. Their website is

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            If you're heading west on Main Street, Rt 117 splits off to the right from Rt 20 just after the Shell station. Dom's is just past this split on the right; it's kind of easy to miss. Consider getting a few of their mini-canollis (filled to order) or an arancini or two for a snack later.

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              Even better, it's actually on my way home. Thanks!

        2. My brother says that the tuna sub at O'Sullivans (yes *that* O'Sullvans) is delicious... personally my favorite is D'Ags in Winchester - been eating there for 20+ years (disclaimer - worked behind the counter for 2 years in middle/high school). They are the standard by which I judge all other sub sandwiches...

          1. T. Anthony makes a solid tuna sub. Get it toasted.

            1. Boyles in Arlingon has great tuna subs. Nothing fancy, just great tuna in your basic sub roll. The kind of place where your fingers still smell like a sub well after you are finished - yum!

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                I love Boyles. It's a total throwback of a place, with old guys reading the paper while sitting on stools looking out toward the street and locals coming in to buy their supplies for the week and chatting with the owner, who's a truly nice guy.

                Haven't had their tuna sub, but their steak and cheese is excellent.

              2. IMO, Toody's in Wakefield! Ask for the soft sub roll when ordering. Best tuna subs, by far. This place has been a staple in Wakefield for many years and they have now resurrected their shop at their new location on Water St. (formally Daddy's Donuts).

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                  I went to Toody's in Wakefield today and got a large tuna sub $6.50. The sub roll they use at Toody's was big, fresh and tasty. The tuna sub hit the spot. Toody's is located at 49 Water Street in Wakefield. Nice recommendation Gary Grill, thanks.

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                    A place from theh passt. Used to go there years ago for eggplant and chicken parm subs. Then I heard it was sold and went downhill. Will have to go back and try again. thanks