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Feb 20, 2007 03:53 PM

Is Charco de las Ranas in DF associated with Las Ranas in Puebla?

I'm mainly concerned with where I can find some tacos al arabe in DF, as the ones in Puebla (al pastor) are probably the best single meal I had in Mexico. Thanks!

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  1. Based on recommendations found here on CH and on another food-oriented website, I ate tacos al pastor at Charco de las Ranas (the original location) last summer in Mexico City. I was extremely disappointed. The whole experience was about a 2 on a scale of 1-10. Not only that, a small meal of TACOS for three people cost over 300 pesos. Please.

    If you want the real deal, come visit me in Guadalajara. We'll go to Los Alteños and eat tacos al pastor, freshly shaved off the trompo, till we roll off our stools (if we can actually find a place to sit, the place is so packed all the time). At 6 pesos per taco, plus soft drinks.

    1. That is great to know. We'll scratch Charco off the list. Is there any place in Mexico City anyone has had tacos al arabe?

      We were in Guadalajara last year, I wish I we had known to find you! :)

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        Cristina tried Charco de las Ranas on my recommendation after I had had a terrific cena there one night. Our experiences were polar opposites, which tells me the place is either wildly inconsistent (always a possibility) or my party got special treatment because we were there as guests of a high profile Mexican chef (more than likely). Charco was also featured in a couple of episode's of Rick Bayless' Mexico, One Plate at a Time PBS series back in season 2 or 3.

        There are several locations in the city. I don't know that I'd make another special trip just to eat there, but if you happen to be close by stop in, try it and form your own opinion. You may get lucky and have a good meal as I did, or my might not, and end up with a less than great meal as did Cristina. But I will agree with her on one thing, it ain't cheap.

      2. Two of our favorite taco restaurants in Centro D.F are El Huequito, on Bolívar, about a block south of Rep. de Uruguay. The tacos ingleses are sabrosos.

        The other fave is Taquería Tlaquepaque, Independencia 4, just of Eje Central Lázaro Cárdenas, about a block or two south of Avenida Júarez. Here's a photo:
        When the place is busy and the taqueros are cooking at full throttle, it's a memorable experience.

        1. Sob... looks like the dream of tacos al arabe in DF is a pipe dream...? don't ask me why, but I'm fixated after trying them in Puebla.

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            Puebla isn't that far from D.F. you can take a road trip, or a short bus trip.

            But there are literally hundreds of different kinds of tacos avaiable, don't limit your options. Try some of the others, who knows you might find something you like even better. Check out the whole foest of tacos, not just one taco tree ;-)

            1. re: Maya

              I replied about Taquería el Greco on your other post about tacos al arabe. it's in la condesa, and delicious.