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Feb 20, 2007 03:46 PM

Restaurant Recs near Palace Theater in Albany

I haven't lived in Albany for nearly 10 years so I am hoping to get some current recs for a friend visiting the area (seeing a show at the Palace so walking distance would be great).
I would leave Ogden's and Jacks Oyster off the list (I remember Ogden's being stuffy and visitors do not eat seafoood). The new brew pub was fun before the Pearl Jam show but I didn't get much of a chance to look around. Thanks !

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  1. Ogden's is no more. Some nearby choices might be Yono's in the Hampton Inn, close by to the Palace. The bar room menu is high-end enough for most people. There's Nicole's, at the Quackenbush House and the Albany Pump Station. Angelo's Prime isn't far. The Pump Station is the best casual pick from this group.

    1. I agree on Pump Station. Bar food, and great beer brewed on site. McGearys on Clinton Square, across from the Palace, is a good funky Irish bar with pretty good food. But I seem to recall from a local paper that it is closed for renovations, so that may be out of the picture.

      1. Be sure to get the peanut wings at the Pump Station, they're great!

        1. Tony, if you're friend has a passion for beer & ales, like I know you do for the grape, I can't too strongly suggest Mahar's before The Palace. They're at 1110 Madison Ave./ Rte.20 and about 2.5 miles west of The Palace. They do a limited pub menu of meat pies, sandwiches, cheese, etc. and are open 4 til midnight Mon. thru Sat., closed Sun. This is not a meat market for the testosterone driven, it's an Irish pub for adults driven by the craic and the majestic line-up of brews. If it sound like I'm gushing it's because of the powerful thirst generated just talking about James Joseph Mahar's. One of the best beer pub's in the country and most certainly the best in The Capitol District.

          Here the link;

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            Yaeh, I've raised more than my share of pints at Mahar's ! Interesting evening as my friend and his wife are going to see Seinfeld on ST. Patrick's Day ! They might want to get in drinking form over the next few weeks !

            1. re: TonyO

              Seinfeld for St. Patrick's Day in heavily Irish Albany, you're kidding, right? Ya think he's gonna do Pat & Mike or "Brace yourself, Bridget!" jokes?, LOL