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Feb 20, 2007 03:35 PM

Hot Cross Buns

I know it's early, but every year I find myself searching for a great HCB come Lent/Easter! The late, lamented College Bakery in Carroll Gardens made a very good one, but all the others I've tried (in several boroughs) have been mediocre - dry and shellacked with gummy glaze. Does anyone know of a great one? I see in an old post that someone mentioned Three Little Red Hens; if they still make them, I'll definitely check them out! Thanks to all -

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  1. I just walked by Orwashers Bakery in Manhattan (E. 78th St btwn 2nd & 1st Ave) yesterday and they have a sign posted for Hot Cross Buns. I have never eaten them, but all the other breads/rolls/muffins I have had from there have been great.