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Feb 20, 2007 03:23 PM

Rt 1 (College Park Ikea) eats?

Everyone, please add to this one continually. I have a new client near Ikea and saw today that there's a pho place to the north (Pho 88) and a carribean diner. I saw some other potentials and know a bit about actually in College Park, but am up for any and all in the area. This client is pretty much right beside Ikea, so nothing TOO far (the campus is the boundary to the south to be sure).

I'll probably be going with some regularity (once/month?) for a while, so I'd like to peruse!

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  1. Food Factory, the kabob place, in the little shopping center on Baltimore Avenue

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    1. Pho 88 is good. For my money, Pho Vn One, a few blocks further north, is better.

      Slightly further north from there, you will find a trio of good Korean restaurants. These are all quite different from each other:

      -Myong Dong is a small, family run noodle shop. Do not stray far from the noodle dishes -- I had a fairly poor soondooboo there once -- however, the noodle dishes are very good, so this shouldn't be a problem.

      -Gah Rahm is a big, sprawling place. They have Korean barbeque, stews, noodle dishes, sushi -- you name it. There is a weekday buffet. I have not been recently enough or made much of a dent in the menu, but most of the food I've had here has been good.

      -Da Rae Won is a Chinese Korean place. They serve mainly noodle dishes also, like Jajangmyun. I've only eaten here a few times also; I need to go more often.

      There's also a Korean bakery (Shilla) on Rhode Island Avenue about a block north of the route 1 intersection. There is some good stuff here.

      Also in Beltsville, there are a number of Carribean places (The Pepper Pot, Carribean Palace(?)), although I've always been disappointed in these. YMMV.

      To the south, in College Park, you will find the Food Factory, an Afghan place with excellent naan and kabobs cooked in a tandoor. There is a weekday buffet where you can get these items and some various stews and other dishes as well. However, the other dishes are hit and miss and the quality is inconsistent.

      In the same strip with Food Factory is Hanami, a Japanese place. Do not eat the sushi; it sucks. Their lunch boxes are decent, though. In the same shopping center, you should avoid Laredo; the rest of the places there are ok, nothing special.

      If you take Greenbelt road east from route 1 you will find two decent Mexican options: Taqueria Esmarelda, a truck that makes good tacos and tortas; and Costa Alegre, a sit-down place with Mexican that is as good as any of the lauded places in Bladensburg. Soups, tacos, tortas, and specials are good. Be warned that they can be a bit inconsistent, though.

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        Superb!!! While I have a list, please keep it coming in. I'm probably trying some of the Mexican first, btw (and the two pho options).

        Based on the recent thread of Food Factory v Ravi in Arlington, I might have to make it a top stop as well.

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          Stopped by Da Raw Won at lunchtime today and it is closed?? What are their hours? Are they open just for dinner or are they outta business??

        2. South Street Steaks! No great dining mecca, but if you have fond memories of REAL Philly Cheesesteaks, this is probably the best I've had outside of the Philly metro area.

          1. New York Deli (Edgewood and Road Island Avenue cat-corner from the REI shopping center) - I haven't been but once in the last 3-4 years and was a regular 7+ years ago, but they have great sandwiches and salads.

            1. Mexican at El Mexicano just up Rt. 1. The meat dishes are good, the vegetable dishes are superb (it's Indian-owned). Try the papusas.