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Feb 20, 2007 03:10 PM

Anyone try Little Shanghai in San Mateo?

Is this a new restaurant right off of 25th Avenue? (on the railroad side of El Camino)...

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  1. Yes, give it some time to settle in. It's less than a month-old and not up to snuff yet.

    Here's the interesting part of the long menu -

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      I passed by this restaurant last night on my way to dinner at Shalizaar. It was crowded. A friend of mine went there for lunch last week and said it was pretty good, there was a dessert with loquat and glutinous rice ball that she loved.

    2. FYI I walked by the restaurant last weekend and there was a handwritten sign on the door saying they were temporarily closed due to management change.

      1. Drove by here yesterday at lunch time and it appears to be open again. How is it this go round?

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          This restaurant was new to us and recommended by a friend. We went tonight and enjoyed the food very much. We like Shanghai East, which is just on the other side of El Camino and felt Little Shanghai was just as good, though with an even more interesting and, I think, larger menu. We had XLB. The wrapper was a little less chewy than I like, but I loved the flavorful soup and filling. The Pork and Pickled Vegetable Noodle Soup had a dark, hearty broth and decent noodle. I saw people having soup with even thicker noodles (my preference) so I'm wondering which soups would have these. Next up was stir fried chicken with a nice brown sauce. Very rustic -- all the chicken was on the bones and chopped up. A bit hard to eat, but something I felt tasted quite homey and authentic. The most unusual dish was Braised Pork with Sticky Rice. The rice was dark brown and rather sweet. I wondered if it had been made with some kind of sweet liquor. It was topped with a good portion of small fruit that looked like miniature dates. In the middle were slices of pork. I wouldn't order this again (extremely filling and a little too sweet for my taste) but my husband and I both agreed that it was worth trying once. We figured that for some people this might be a very authentic dish that reminds them of home. There is so much more to choose from on the menu and I'm sure the many experts on Chinese cuisine on Chowhound can set us straight with more recommendations. Address is: 17 E. 25th Ave., San Mateo, phone: 650-573-7161. They have a URL but the Web site is not up yet: www.lshfood.com. We were remarking that less than five years ago all we could say was that there was very little decent Chinese food in San Mateo -- now we have a wealth of riches from Everyday Beijing to Joy Luck Place to Shanghai East and now Little Shanghai.

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            we went there a couple of times before the management change and I'd say the XLB and vegetable buns are as good as Shanghai East's. They have a lot more non-Shanghainese items on the menu. I had a craving for twice cooked pork for one visit and it was authentically greasy and smoky - but a bit too greasy for my taste. The lunch specials on the menu are pretty standard but the portions were huge. Hopefully they have not cut back on the portions after the management change.

          2. Adding the link - this sounds promising!

            Little Shanghai
            17 E 25th Ave, San Mateo, CA 94403