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Ice Cream/Frozen Treats in Downtown LA?

Does anyone know of an ice cream or frozen yogurt parlor in downtown LA? I have a craving for a Coke or Root Beer float, but the only ice cream I know of is the McDonald's in the Wells Fargo building. Bonus if they have Pinkberry-esque froyo or frozen custard.

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  1. if (formerly Fiore) in the Japanese Village plaza in Little Tokyo fits the bill for Pinkberry-esque. There is also an ice cream shop in that plaza that sells mochi ice cream.

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      I actually like Fiore better than Pinkberry and they do a Plain/Green Tea swirl!!! :)


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        I too like Fiore better than Pinkberry. They have a blackberry yogurt now and it is fabulous....I was thinking next time I went I'd like to see if they'd give me the blackberry and green tea!

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          WOW! Blackberry... YUM!! Black Berry and Oreo Crumbles would just make me SOO happy right now! :) Thanks for the heads up! I think I'm going to have to head down to LT soon! :)


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            No problem. It's so good I seriously could've gotten the Large and had room for more!! :) Anyways, if you happen to try Blackberry and Green Tea together, I'd love to hear how it is (and I really have to know how you like blackberry and OREOs!!!!)!! :)

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              I had it and it was GOOD!! :D


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                cefiore is the bomb!! love their swirls and different flavors.

    2. The mochi ice cream place in the plaza is Mikawaya and they also have a good selection of gelato. I don't know about root beer or coke at either Fiore or Mikawaya, though.

      1. There is also a "mochi ice cream parlor" on 2nd street, just a block east of the New Otani Hotel.

        1. There is a Pinkberry sign at the former Via Dolce in JTown on 2nd street

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            Wow, that's just as audacious as the big red Angels billboard on Sunset, just across from the Dodger Stadium entrance.

          2. For a Coke or Root Beer float ... what about, ahem, IHOP (8th/Flower) or The Pantry ...

            Also, in the Food Court at the bottom of Macy's Plaza there's a Dreyer’s Ice Cream stall.

            Lastly, Grand Central Market, 317 South Broadway, vendor’s list shows:

            * Jose's Ice Cream Shop (213) 628-8477
            Description: Premium Ice Cream and Sorbets, in a cup or cone. The Nacho's are popular, too!

            * Tropical Zone Ice Cream & Juice Bar (213) 626-1962
            Description: Latin American smoothies, ice cream, frozen yogurt, and a full fountain service juice bar

            1. I concur that "Mochi Ice Cream" is the first thing that comes to mind when the words "Downtown LA" and "Frozen Treats" are mentioned in the same sentence :)

              1. I have a vague memory of the Mrs Fields in Wells Fargo Plaza doing ice cream.

                1. Fiore in Jtown is great for yogurt, but if you want traditional ice cream, there is a little place across the plaza and just to the north/west of Fiore that sells Fosselman's ice cream, which is really good.

                  1. Thanks for the recommendations!

                    I'll have to try Jose's and Tropical Zone next time i'm at Grand Central market

                    1. pinkberry style froyo underneath the citibank building on 5th street at moose's juices.
                      tcby inside the la library.

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                        yeah i actually like fiore better than pinkberry too. love the swirl options ;)

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                          Me too! It's the best of both worlds with the Swirl! :D