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Feb 20, 2007 02:39 PM

A Votre Sante

Has anyone been here? Any dishes to recommend?

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  1. Yes, I've been, but not for quite some time. I remeber for sure that their cheesecake ( I believe non-dairy) is amazing. I always requested it when I sat down, because they ran out. As far as the rest of the menu, it is very healthy and it can taste that way. I usually got the tuna salad which was good. I think the chilli was also quite good as well as their other soups, most vegan or vegetarian.

      1. A Votre Sante is on San Vicente near 26th St. in Brentwood.

        Yes, it can taste a little "healthy," but I've grown to see that as a plus. When selecting between my 20 or so favorite westside spots for dine in or take-out, every time AVS wins, one of the reasons is "I won't feel sick after dinner."

        The other reasons are that the turkey burgers, veggie burgers, eggplant dip, spinach quesadilla, blackened salmon tostada, and non-dairy nachos (seriously - turns out there's no "cheese" in movie theater nachos either - this is a healthier twist on faux cheese goodness) are all quite good. There are also nice pasta dishes with chicken or salmon, and a killer turkey bolognese.

        There's usually an underlying sense of "good for you" while you're eating at AVS, and as I said, you won't want to curl up in a ball and die when you're done, neither will you spend the night sweating it out (as one often does after overly salty Asian cuisine).

        Added bonus - they have an extremely healthy and happy crowd - I surmise that all the yoga and healthy eating makes for happier, healthier customers. Smart play on their part - keep them healthy, they live longer, and keep coming back.

        Give it a try. It's a bit of an acquired taste, but once you get it, you'll be back.

        1. I always order the blackend salmon wrap. Never been a disappointment.

          1. good for that kind of thing, but not a dining experience