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Breakfast in Delray

Can someone recommend a good breakfast place in Delray?

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  1. Bagel Twins, on Military near Linton. Great take-out too - bagels and deli-style, but they also have a breakfast that is not bad at all.

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      Bagel twins is on the Jfood list of breakfast places every time we visit the out-laws.

    2. Do you want a nice place? Bella Luna on A1A just south of Atlantic Ave

      1. Luna Rosa on A1A right off of Atlantic- delicious and consistent.

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          so sorry, please disregard my last post - I mean Luna Rosa

        2. Luna Rosa, great atmosphere as well. My friends go there at least once a week.

          1. Not far from Delray Beach is the Boca Diner on Federal Highway in Boca Raton. I would say it is 5-7 miles south of Delray Beach. They have good breakfasts and a very varietous lunch and supper menu. give it a try

            1. I like breakfast at Luna Rosa and join the crowd in recommending it, but I think I like Shore better. Shore is on the same block and provides the same ambiance. I had a poached egg on crabcake with hollandaise that was awesome, just about the single best dish I had in 7 days of eating in the Boca/Deray area. It was so good I went back the next morning and had it again. They have a $20 Sunday brunch that is also terrific.

              1. On Federal Highway between Delray and Boynton Beach is Ellie's 50s Diner – lots of breakfast items on the menu. Cash only, though.

                1. love Luna Rosa, great eggs benedict. right across from the ocean but you need earplugs for the Harleys that roar along!

                  1. I agree w/ the others that Luna's breakfast is great. I suggest on Sunday's only the Sundy House for brunch. The best brunch I have ever had.

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                      And Luna Rosa wins the prize - we love it too. Actually, the Delray Beach Marriott also has a great Sunday brunch with tons of different options.

                    2. if you go to Sundy House for brunch make sure you get an early reservation. If you get a late one there isn't much left to eat and they don't replenish the bowls and dishes so it is not very impressive.

                      1. Cafe Boheme is also a good choice. Its one block west of A1A on Atlantic. You can sit outside which is aways great this time of year. Food and service is very good. I like it better than Luna Rosa and after eating you can walk one block to the beach. Try it out

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                          I completely agree about preferring Cafe Boheme over Luna Rosa for breakfast. And Boheme is also a more relaxing experienc - not as loud or crowded as Luna.