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Feb 20, 2007 02:05 PM


Fellow Hounds:

The Sudbury Savoyards are putting on a performance of Gilbert & Sullivan's Iolanthe this weekend (and next) and we will be attending. We are are looking for a chowish place to eat before the performance at the Lincoln/Sudbury Regional High School. A search of the site turned up the Coach Grill and Lotus Blossom in the area. Any other suggestions or ideas about places or possible menu choices? Many thanks.

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  1. Sky is nice and has a wide range of dishes. I haven't been for a while but enjoyed my Filet once, and a lobster BLT another time. There is a Stone Hearth Pizza, which I haven't been to . I understand the food is good but the owner has no soul (for food). Best bet depending on where you are coming from is Thai Chili or Monsoon in maynard. 10 minutes or so from the school.

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    1. Coach Grill is essentially Abe & Louis in MetroWest. Meat cuts are a tad below Abe & Louis, but otherwise the same. Lotus Blossom is decent, expensive Chinese Food. Sky is a good recommendation for something in the area that's not a chain restaurant. It can be a little quiet for my taste (atmosphere wise) , but the food is decent.

        1. Also Bullfinches for fine american, Fugykaku for Japanese, and Oshii Sushi Too for Sushi all are on Rt, 20. All of them are good. For a small town Sudbury is Culinary Utopia.

          1. For sushi and Japanese, Oishii and Fugakyu both have outposts in Sudbury. Haven't been to the Sudbury Fugakyu, but Oishii Too is wonderful; it's essentially the same quality as its inside-the-128 siblings, sans the bustling metropolitan stress.