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Reheating french fries

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered. I searched but didn't come up with anything about reheating fries. The other night I tried to reheat some fries I had leftover from a large lunch. These particular fries had cheese on top, but I've never had much luck reheating fries well, either topped or naked.

I usually put them in a hot oven for a short while. Microwaving makes them soggy.

(Yes, I realize I'm the cheapest person in the world ... but these were GREAT fries with sea salt and rosemary and the skins still on, plus the aforementioned cheesy goodness. I want to get them in the future but usually can't eat a full portion.)

How do you reheat fries?

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  1. I turn on the oven as high as mine will go, around 450-475 or so, preheated of course. You want the oven blistering hot when the fries it it. Takes about 5 minutes (depends on the type, thin or thick) no more and they always turn out pretty good. Of course, I don't have leftover french fries too frequently :-)

    1. If you have a mini toaster oven, lay them out flat in 350 -400 degree oven and check on them constantly. I've seen my sister do this for her 4 and 6 year old who likes to save their fries for snacking.

      1. as someone who loves fries, i've never had luck reheating either. the kids usually won't mind -- but if you're a fry lover, you'll likely be disappointed.

        it's a shame, isn't it?!

        1. The best way I've found for reheating any fried food is by frying it. Not DEEP-frying, just in a bit of hot oil in a pan. Even some things that have been "fried" in the oven, such as fish that was marinated in oil and then roasted at 400º, responds much better to a quick sauté than to microwaving. For one thing, it doesn't really cook any more; it just warms up to edibility on the inside while gaining a new and very nice bit of crust on the outside. Fried or roasted potatoes do much the same. Sometimes I even think the leftovers are an improvement...

          1. heat in a glass pan, if possible, because glass makes it crispier

            1. Those do sound really good and totally worth saving!

              1. I did a test: half my leftover fries went into the convection oven at 375, the other half went into the cast iron skillet with some olive oil for a re-fry. The clear winner is the skillet, which left my fries crispy, 90% as good as the first time. The oven was just OK, I would say 70% as good as fresh. I'm sure the microwave would have been 50% as good... so the post by Will Owen is the one to go by for me!

                1. Don't feel cheap at all. I don't have any qualms about bringing most anything home from a restaurant that I liked and didn't finish. I hate to see food go to waste, and I don't think it's asking a lot for the waiter to toss it in a box (or bring a box to you in some establishments).

                  And thanks for the tip on reheating. Last night we went out to dinner, and I specifically subbed these house-made herb parmesan waffle fries that they normall serve at lunch for the baked potato. I knew I wasn't going to get around to the starch, and I figured they'd be great for lunch today (I was right).

                  On a slightly funny note, we were eating in a pretty upscale seafood place in the bar area, and there's this Art Prize thing in our city right now, so there's artwork shown in various locations and lots of people going around to see everything. So there were a number of people who were passing our table, and I can only imagine what they thought of seeing a bowl of french fries next to a plate of lobster.

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                    A marriage made in heaven, two of my absolutely favorite foods on earth.

                  2. Yup, usually in an oven the hottest it can go, or under the broiler with a close watch on it. I just want the crispiness back, usually. They definitely have enough oil left in them to get nice and crispy again in the oven/broiler.

                    This is what I do on the rare occasions that I buy Five Guys fries by myself and have 3/4 of the damn bag as leftovers!

                    1. I've never had any luck with reheating fries and it bums me out. I tend to like my fries really hot, and get a little annoyed when they come to me cool. But, I have found that I can still use them.
                      I've cut them up and used them inside a breakfast burrito, they work really well and that way its not a total loss. Stir them into the eggs, add cheese,and all your other favorite things, and wrap in a warm tortilla. Pop it into the oven to make sure the cheese glues it all together and add salsa.

                      1. funnily enough, I just heard a guy in a restaurant recommend the toaster oven thing the other day. He also recommended what I do with leftover fried calamari: get a flying pan and make it as hot as it will get on the stove - then add whatever you're heating up. This also works fantastically for reheating pizza since it sort of mimics the heat from a pizza oven.

                        1. If you chop them up and saute them on medium-high heat in oil you can make excellent hash browns. I do this all the time with leftover fries.

                          1. We usually just heat a non-stick pan very hot, and then put the fries in and shake around. the residual oil of the fries usually crisps them up again. i would also add a little oil and smear it around the pan if i thought the fries didn't have enough left on them.

                            eta: just saw LululsMom is on the same page - we also that with pizza!