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Feb 20, 2007 01:51 PM

Reheating french fries

Forgive me if this has been asked and answered. I searched but didn't come up with anything about reheating fries. The other night I tried to reheat some fries I had leftover from a large lunch. These particular fries had cheese on top, but I've never had much luck reheating fries well, either topped or naked.

I usually put them in a hot oven for a short while. Microwaving makes them soggy.

(Yes, I realize I'm the cheapest person in the world ... but these were GREAT fries with sea salt and rosemary and the skins still on, plus the aforementioned cheesy goodness. I want to get them in the future but usually can't eat a full portion.)

How do you reheat fries?

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  1. I turn on the oven as high as mine will go, around 450-475 or so, preheated of course. You want the oven blistering hot when the fries it it. Takes about 5 minutes (depends on the type, thin or thick) no more and they always turn out pretty good. Of course, I don't have leftover french fries too frequently :-)

    1. If you have a mini toaster oven, lay them out flat in 350 -400 degree oven and check on them constantly. I've seen my sister do this for her 4 and 6 year old who likes to save their fries for snacking.

      1. as someone who loves fries, i've never had luck reheating either. the kids usually won't mind -- but if you're a fry lover, you'll likely be disappointed.

        it's a shame, isn't it?!

        1. The best way I've found for reheating any fried food is by frying it. Not DEEP-frying, just in a bit of hot oil in a pan. Even some things that have been "fried" in the oven, such as fish that was marinated in oil and then roasted at 400º, responds much better to a quick sauté than to microwaving. For one thing, it doesn't really cook any more; it just warms up to edibility on the inside while gaining a new and very nice bit of crust on the outside. Fried or roasted potatoes do much the same. Sometimes I even think the leftovers are an improvement...

          1. heat in a glass pan, if possible, because glass makes it crispier