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Anyone know Taco Truck that will cater?

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I want to host a party in a park with a taco truck. Does anyone know someone who wll do this?


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    1. Is there a name there that I am missing that actually caters? Thanks

      1. El Tonayense will do it.

        1. I think El Ojo de Agua will as well. (My personal fav.)

          1. I've seen In-N-Out Burger "taco truck" in the past. Kind of interesting when I saw that. Here is a link to their website: http://www.in-n-out.com/cookout_trail...

            1. Tacos Sinaloa - 2138 International Blvd in Oakland (510) 535-1206. I've heard that they cater, but am not 100% that both trucks do... I personally prefer the truck on the right - their al pastor is delicious!