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Feb 20, 2007 01:15 PM

Best raw oysters in Chicago

I'm soliciting recommendations for the best raw oysters downtown. However, I'm not particularly interested in any uber-swank restaurants, aka dress code, $50 entree-types, unless the oysters are *incroyable*. If it'll help, anything like what they've got at Hog Island oysters in SF would be great. Small and creamy, Kumamoto types. Thanks.

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  1. Hugo's Frog Bar hands down. They are impeccable and they have a nice mignonette (I know spelling off probably)...their's sauce is kind of frozen and shaved giving a great textural and flavor compliment to the oysters.

    1. Fulton's on the River has the best that I've had here. In terms of what's available, it will vary day to day based on what's best. Their exec chef, a guy absolutely obsessed with all things oyster, was recently written up in the Reader. Also, last week I had lunch at the bar while he shucked a beautiful plate of oysters for me and two companions. It was a delicious and educational lunch.

      1. Yup. Fulton's, Hugo's, and Shaw's for the best, downtown. Info:

        Fulton's on the River
        315 N. LaSalle Street
        Chicago, Illinois 60610

        Hugo's Frog Bar
        1024 Rush St.
        Chicago 60611

        Shaw's Crab House
        21 E Hubbard Street
        Chicago, Illinois 60611

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