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Feb 20, 2007 01:14 PM

Juan Pollo-Am I the only one?

Does anyone else out there enjoy the rotissado goodness of Juan Pollo Chicken? I go to the one in Whittier/La Mirada on Valley View & Imperial Hwy. Chicken so juicy, so scrumptious. I wish there was one in Long Beach. Anyone?

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  1. i LOVE juan pollo...grew up in Alta Loma (just north of Ontario) and we had one out there but I thought it was the only one!!!

    1. Oh No You're Not!!

      This is one of my favorite Chicken Places that all started in So Cal (South Euclid in Ontario). First time I tried Juan Pollo was back in 1985 for a friend's little sister who had a quinciƱera.

      They've gone through some good times and hard times with growth, but still around. There are a few locations in LA County, with the closest to downtown being East LA (Very close to other Chowhound Faves King Taco and Between the Bun) Here's the web site link with ALL LOCATIONS listed:

      The chicken ROCKS, the potato salad is STELLAR.

      1. OK, I'll give up and ask (having never been there) how's it different from Pollo Loco? Pollo Maniaco?
        Pollo Borracho? Pollo Pronto?

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          I was the biggest El Pollo Loco fan until I tried this. While El Pollo is flame grilled, Juan Pollo is rotisserie. Very subtle flavor... almost tastes like all they use is salt but not sure. The meat is so moist, like slow cooking in a crock pot. I work by the one in La Mirada/Whittier on Valley View and Imperial and didn't go there forever because it looked so ghetto. What a fool I was. Also, their side dishes are good. The rice is addictive; plain white cooked in I believe chicken broth with shredded chicken and green onion. Also their chicken bowl is so good. Beans, rice, chicken, salsa, green onions, and a mountain o' cheese. I used to order it only chicken and onions and they will fill the bowl up all the way with chicken! This is great if you want to have some ready made shredded chicken to make tacos or wraps at home as well. Also, service is sooooo fast that you usually aren't even done putting your wallet away and your order is ready. Even for big take-out orders. Find that anywhere else.

          Oh, the chicken is also kind of similar to Costco, which I love cold. But you gotta trust, Juan Pollo is so bomb. If one opened in LBC, my life would be complete.

        2. Yeah, I like John Chicken (Juan Pollo), too! Just wish they would open one up somewhere closer to the South Bay. I pick up food at the one on Valley View and Imperial when I visit a friend out in that area.