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Feb 20, 2007 01:12 PM

Dinner Lewes, DE

Any recommendations to dinner in Lewes, DE? Looking a nice place that the locals frequent.

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  1. I've had many fine meals at Azafran. It's a lovely little tapas place right in town.

    1. This being the off season at the shore, Cafe Azafran is only open for lunch this time of year; would suggest "Striper Bites" or there is a small, new place called "Half Full" which (only) has gourmet pizzas & wines.

      1. The Buttery in Lewes is my all time favorite (hope it's still around).

        1. Anyone know what happened to the old Lewes Crab Shack (pink building with blue trim at the corner of Savannah and Cape Henlopen Dr)? Last time I was there (maybe 6-8 years ago) it had changed hands. Is there any good place for crabs in Lewes? I've heard about Lazy Susan's but just HATE driving in traffic on Rt. 1.

          Has anyone eaten at Irish Eyes recently? Is it OK for a burger and a beer (I've never eaten anything there)?

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            Lazy Susan's moved to a new location across the street from where they used to be. If you are staying in Lewes, you shouldn't have to venture very far at all down Rte 1 to get there. I've never been to the Lewes Crab Shack, but I'm pretty sure it's still there and operating under the same name. As far as hard shells go, these two places are probably your only options unless Jerry's Seafood on 2nd Street serves crabs.

            I have eaten at Irish Eyes and since the renovations, I think the food has really gone downhill (not that it was ever excellent). That said, I would still go for a burger and a beer because I think it offers the best view around (if you sit outside). There used to be a large local crowd that went to Irish Eyes but it seems most of those people have now migrated over to the Green Turtle in the Five Points shopping area. The food here is better but it lacks the atmosphere of Irish Eyes.