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Feb 20, 2007 01:02 PM

Where to find Conch?

I've been looking for real conch ( up here since I moved from Miami 4 years ago. All I can find in Rhode Island is Whelk, aka Scungilli (

I know queen conch is on the endangered species list, but there's other forms of real conch that are commonly available for sale down there, even in WalMart for god sakes. Up here I've struck out in my visits to what must be dozens of seafood purveyors. They all say "yes, I have conch" on the phone and I arrive to find, of course, whelk!

Will work for conch, please help! :-)

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    1. You're going to have a really hard time finding it. Courthouse Seafood in Cambridge sometimes has it IIRC -- and it's expensive like $20/lb or so? You might do best trying for it by mail order. Rarely do any of the Caribbean restaurants in town carry conch water (chowder) or stewed conch any more. I remember having it at the Hatian place on Blue Hill Ave (near Morton?) and I think the Nevisian man that has the restaurant in Arlington might sometimes have it.

      I have friends from Nevis and anytime someone goes to visit they bring back one or two coolers full of fish, with plenty of conch.

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        I've had it at Wang's Fast Food (very good dish by the way). You could call and ask where they get it: (617)623-2982

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          I think MB is probably correct. Many of the restaurants that serve conch use frozen product and most of what I have seen is Scungilli (Market Basket has "wild caught frozen conch from the bahamas..." but read closely and will find its probably Scungilli). On another caribbean ingredient note, Courthouse has parrotfish right now.

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            Parrotfish, really? I'll have to give my West Indian peeps the heads up. (then try for an invite for dinner).

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              They had 3 or 4 on display yesterday. Might be worth calling and asking them to reserve some.

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            What restaurant is owned by a Nevisian in Arlington?

          3. No I haven't.. It's a bit of a hike from me to the Quincy location (closest) and I'm having trouble communicating with them on the phone.

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              1. Something Savory in Arlington has conch on their menu...maybe you can give them a call and see how they aquire it?