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Mondo Gelato's tart yogurt better than pinkberry

went to Mondo Gelato Sat night...its on Pico Blvd, just west of Westwood blvd.
bought some gelato to go and tried a small serving of their "tart" froz yogurt.
It was sooo much better than pinkberry's. nice and tart and delicious.
I forgot how much it was, but definitely cheaper than pb's. they also have fresh fruit as toppings and their gelato is awesome, esp the donatella.

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  1. Do you have an exact address??

    1. Mondo Gelato
      10893 pico blvd
      los angeles, ca 90064

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        Thanks!! I look forward to trying it!

      2. Better how? More tart? More sweet? More creamy?

        1. more tart. I just liked the taste better than pb's. pb sometimes has an aftertaste and mondo's does not.

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            You had me at more tart. Red Mango (inside California Roll & Sushi on Westwood) is more tart too.

          2. I'm glad you liked Mondo Gelato's plain frozen yogurt, I've been one of a small group pushing this place for the last year or so - - they really could use the business, they're frequently empty, and I would be sad to lose this neighborhood place, especially since PayOrPlay Jr. and I both think their gelato is some of the most flavorful in the city, and that swell Italian frozen yogurt,well ahead of the icy stuff they peddle at Pinkberry. (No chewy rice cakes at Mondo Gelato, unfortunately.)

            1. I've been part of that small group pushing this place too. They definitely deserve more business and their product is really good. I would love for more chowhounds to frequent this place. come on guys!

              1. Thanks for the headsup on Mondo Gelato, very under-appreciated Gelato place. When at the Westside Pavillion, I cross the street, walk past the Coldstone and get their fruit gelato selections.

                I will try their Italian froyo next time.

                1. I will check it out -sounds good. I was also underwhelmed by P-Berry; have since fallen in LOVE with Yoku Yoku on Sepulveda and Palms - a bit sweeter, and much smoother.

                  1. Thanks a ton for the amazing tip. I loved all their gelatos (I tried and/or purchased about 10). A few were a bit strong in taste for me, but that's just personal preference-- the ingredients seemed quite good and fresh, and much better too strong and clear than too weak. Their "tart" yogurt I agree is better and cheaper than Pinkberry's-- softer, fluffier, less icy....I could see some people liking Pinkberry's more, but not me. I hope people can support this nice shop.

                    1. For better or worse, I think their flavors taste like Japanese candy. That is to say, not very much like real fruit, but pretty tasty nonetheless. If you've tasted Japanese candies like Meiji or Lotte you'll know what I mean when I say the flavors have distinct taste and fragrance.

                      SO and I loved the coconut and mango together in one cup. The passion fruit and peach were less successful for us.

                      1. Went by today and tried their gelato x four orders. Nice little shop, great range of flavors, and all four of us were very happy with our gelato picks. I had the pistachio, raspberry, coconut, and caramel latte. All had nice flavors but I wished to pistachio had more nuts in it. I must say though, in that one little scoop, the flavor was outstanding, and I did get one whole perfectly roasted pistachio nut. I also tried the passion fruit, peach-mango, and roasted almond - all tasted so true to the names, but the roasted almond was more subtle and rich than I expected. Thanks for the heads-up about this place. My only complaint is the parking situation around here. What a nightmare!