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Feb 20, 2007 12:55 PM

wine and cheese dinner for 6

my bf and I are having 4 friends over for wine and cheese this weekend.
I'd like to serve a little dinner as well. I won't be able to serve any meat dishes.
I was thinking of a pasta dish, maybe some appetizers...
any suggestions will be greatlly greatly appreciated.
thanks in advance :)

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  1. How about something a little different and getting some really good breads from a bakery, Maybe a light rye, challa, and something a bit rustic. Then assemble a design your own grilled cheese sandwich bar. A variety of cheeses to choose from and fillings to suit each person's whimsy. A friend reported having a croque monsieur in Paris last week made with smoked salmon which she said was delicious, brie and apple slices are good together, smoked provolone with arugula and marinated peppers or sund dried tomates in oil (drained) are just a few suggestions. Wine parings could be fun or even a few interesting imported beers. If you need to borrow a couple of elecrtic skillets and set it all up buffet style and don't forget some really good butter.

    1. if the focus is to be on the cheese, go light with other foods, meaning stay away from creamy heavy starters, and since most people will want either bread or crackers with the cheese, i'd probably skip the pasta. nibbles like marinated vegetables -- artichoke hearts, hearts of palm, roasted vinegar tomatoes/peppers, mushrooms. could you serve fish? maybe some smoked or poached salmon. fresh crunchy salads would be nice, carrot/olive, frisee with a mustardy vinaigrette, arugula and pecans, endive spears with smoked mussels, watercress with balsamic glazed red onions. if you want something warm, maybe grilled vegetable skewers or roasted eggplant stuffed with ratatouille, or even a carrot.ginger soup.