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Feb 20, 2007 12:46 PM

Best Fresh Fish in South O.C.?

My parents are visiting from NYC, and I'm looking for excellent but reasonably-priced dinner recommendations in south orange county. In particular, I'd love to find fresh fish--no fancy atmosphere, preferably no intrusive sauce or crusted with anything complicated--just some quality fish that will make my dad admit that fish is better on the west coast. (Oh, and he's not really into sushi unfortunately.) Thanks!

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  1. I think the best place in South OC is King's Fish House in Laguna Hills, part of the Water Grill family.

    Here's my review of it with photos:

    Also, if you want just as good, but cheaper, and really no frills fish, try California Fish Grill in Irvine.

    Here's my review and photos of that:

    1. Harbor Grill at the Dana Point harbor.

      1. Definitely, Harbor Grill in Dana Point.