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Feb 20, 2007 12:34 PM

Good Sushi in the Castro...?

Checking to see what you Chowhounds know about Sushi in the Castro.
We'll be there this week and hope to find a good restaurant.
Thanks in advance for your help.

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  1. Diamaru on the NW corner of Sanchez and 16th is good. I have only had their combo sashimi plates and a couple special apps (Tako, GomaAe, Seaweed salad), but all has been fresh, well priced, and served artfully. Very friendly staff, good easy atmosphere.

    1. Although it's not primarily a sushi spot, you can also try Eiji on Sanchez just south of 16th. Tiny, friendly, home-styled husband-and-wife place that among other things is a good place to try fresh tofu. I really enjoy the place each time I drop in.

      If you're really on a sushi mission, drive just over the hill to Hamano (Castro at 24th) which despite all the well-documented issues with service and so on is still a far sight better than any sushi in the Castro.

      1. there is a little place under street level on market. It is within the "mall" like area on the east side. tiny little place with a few tables. delicious sushi, and starters, and very reasonably priced.

        i believe it's under the book store near harvest. can't miss the mall, just head downstairs.

        1. Thanks for those tips. We ended up finding Eiji, which is at Sanchez and 16th (317 Sanchez Street), next door to Tangerine. Very good, with a specialty of home made Tofu.
          We'll have to try Diamaru next time...