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Feb 20, 2007 12:15 PM

Relaxed Dining...Plus Dancing...


Two of my good friends are about to celebrate 30-something birthdays. We are on the lookout for someplace for relaxed dining (we're currently thinking tapas...something that doesn't necessitate a full meal or everyone being there at a certain time, etc) PLUS dancing either in the same venue or very close by. (We'd prefer to not change venues, but as long as it's really close, that might be okay.) This would be for a Saturday night.

The closest place that fits the bill that we know of is Salvadore & Amanda's in Soho. But we'd like to try somewhere new and with better food. Any ideas would be much appreciated. The birthdays are rapidly approaching...


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  1. I've been racking my brains a little on this post which I think is an interesting one. A couple of places that have come to mind are AKA, Gaudi/Turnmills and Bug/Bugbar but I'm not sure that any of these truly fit the bill as they are restaurants in, or annexed to, lounge bars or clubs so may not be perfect for easy come, easy go snacking/grazing. I'll keep on thinking.

    Kristalinlondon - did you have any more brainwaves yourself?

    1. the only other thought i had was vic naylor's. but the food is not casual enough (and in fact, the only time i ate there, they served my salmon raw, and not in that smoked salmon kind of way)

      thank you for thinking my post was interesting. :) i thought it was a good challenge!

      1. In the Indian food post below, there is a mention of POSH in Southampton? The person says they had good food and at 10 a dj played. I just thought I would bring it to your attention as it sounds like it might be what you are looking for.

        1. Possibly late to the party but I've had great drinks, decent food and some wicked salsa dancing to a live band at Floridita.

          I would focus on getting the dancing part of the night right (ie type of venue and music) and then look to find some good eats in the area.

          I do recommend Neighbourhood to a lot of people for good dance music (check the listing before going as its quite varied from Hip hop to gaba techno, decent crowd and a sensible closing time which keeps the real messy types away) and you have all of Notting Hill to choose for dinner. Plastic People on the east side of town is another good smaller dance music venue.

          Though personally I only go clubbing when I know or have heard the DJ or the music policy before and can avoid a queue. I'm too old and particular to wait in a long line or spend money on a bad DJ or music I may not like.


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            We were working on Floridita, but they have proved difficult to organize with. Wanted the table back by certain times, guaranteed min spends, etc.

          2. la tacas is a chain tapas restaurant. the food is tasty and they sometimes have salsa dancing there? also there is a place on charing cross road that is called bar brazil or bar salsa or something that looks good for this also.