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Feb 20, 2007 12:09 PM

Great NY style pizza near Indianapolis-Stefano's

I just wanted to put in a plug for a new restaurant in Fisher's IN called Stefano's. The owner actually took over for Cio's, a place people here have mentioned before. Cio's had great pizza and other Italian entrees, but horrible service. They shut down a couple months ago. The new owner is serving the same great pizza, maybe even a little better--more consistently good for sure. He is very hard working and he has hired a new waitstaff. I hope to see him make a go of it. This Boston girl finds it very hard to live in Indy without great pizza, and this place fits the bill. It was recommended to me by people from NYC and there's usually other east coasters there at dinner time!

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  1. The original comment has been removed
    1. A place that never gets enough shouts is right downtown Indy - Giorgio's Pizza. Huge slices. Greasy and Cheesy. Yum. Fold them up and eat 'em just like New Yorkers do. A friend from Brooklyn says it's about as good as you're gonna get in Indy.

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        Giorgio's is very good, a great lunch place for sure but I'd pick Stefano's pizza by a nose! :)

      2. Was the Cio's in the round building across the street from the Super Target? If so, I looked at it with curiosity when I walked by on the way to the library or Target and always meant to check it out.
        Stefano's sounds great; I hope to get the chance to stop in. Is it pretty casual with lots of takout ordering or more of a sitdown similar Puccini's?

        1. I love the pizza and have loved it since Cio's on 96th (liked them better back then for service and the following reason...), but they aren't always open when they are posted to be open. I've taken to calling before driving there as I've had the misfortune of showing up several times to find a closed place.. it's a long drive for me. I am talking about normal dinner times too- 5-7pm.. I realize they are only open till 8pm. Last time we were disappointed it was father's day and I called ahead, no answer, no machine either. Waited 30 mins, tried again... gave up and went elsewhere. Any ideas why they seem to have such inconsistent hours, and why they don’t invest in an answering machine? They're posted hours on the door, but when you pull up and the place is locked and no note.. it makes you wonder.

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            I am surprised to hear you've had those problems. Cios was like that but Stefano's has been better. If I were you I would express your concerns to the owner next time you are in, he is very attentive to detail and concerned about building his business. I was happy to see when I was there last week that it is growing.