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Feb 20, 2007 12:08 PM

Sat lunch in Westwood Village - ideas?

I'm going to a basketball game at UCLA & would like to have lunch in Westwood Village before the game (3PM).

Things always seem a-changin' in Westwood, so I was wondering if there were any "gems" I'm unaware of. I like Pain Quotidien (but have been there many times - want to try something new) and The Gardens (can't stop calling it Hamlet Gardens...). I heard that there is a Clementine in the Hammer Museum - is it any good? Are they open on Saturday?

Any other ideas? We're looking for tasty & fun.


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  1. Goto Scallions (chinese food), always seemed fresh and not very greasy. Their fried rice is pretty good.

    1. There are a ton of options .. any particular cuisine? In Westwood Village proper, I like Damon & Pythias, Westwood Brewing Co, and Noodle Planet. If you're willing to be a little out of the Village, there are a plethora of great Persian/Mediterranean places - specifically Sunnin for Lebanese or Shahrezad for Persian. Stop by Diddy Riese afterwards for ice cream sandwiches or cookies before Pauley.

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        Almost any cuisine is fine, except sushi - one person has an aversion to it. I read somewhere that Damon & Pythias was gone, although that may just be the SM location. We don't want to leave the village - I felt like walking around.

        1. re: WLA_gal

          My wife and I ate at Damon & Pythias on Broxton last night so they are still there (well as of yesterday, haha). Very good sandwiches and high quality ingredients but kind of pricey for sandwiches. I would go back, though.

      2. The Clementine outpost at the Hammer is now closed.

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          that would explain why I couldn't find anything about it online! It's a shame that it's gone because I'm a big fan of the one in Century city.

        2. I think Damon and Pythias is still there, at least it was about 1 month ago. I really like their salads and veggies. Very reasonably priced. Good quality "toppings".