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Mushroom dishes at La Casita Chilanga

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Regarding Casita Chilanga... do you have any more info? Chilango(a) as you might know is the (slightly demeaning but accepted nickname for people from Mexico City). In addition to Huitlacoche... mushrooms are huge around Mexico City during the rainy season they tend to hijack the menus of the Fondas & nicer restaurants.

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  1. La Casita Chilanga is my favorite torta place. A bit less so now than when it originally opened, as the dimensions of the telera to make the sandwich have grown to be more like the California brethren than DF style.

    La Casita Chilanga 2 -

    P.S. Victoria, a chilanga chowhound, originally pointed us there.

    1. Casita Chilanga has multiple notable tortas. The one called La Milan is a milanesa (a breaded thin steak) and is evidence that, in the hands of a great cuisine, sandwiches are not just for gambling earls anymore. If you really like meat, you can indeed get a torta with pretty much every kind of meat from the rest of the menu. I've had this sandwich at both locations, and I thought it considerably better at the El Camino storefront than at the casita on Middlefield Rd. But my sample size from Middlefield is just 1.

      C.C. also often has enchiladas with huitlacoche and with shockingly good fresh cheese. They weren't on the menu recently -- and this is a funny time of year for huitlacoche, anyway.

      Most people I have taken to Casita Chilanga are stuck by the quality of the bread. Melanie is struck by the size. But I really think the rich, sweet, fresh, yeasty bread stands out among tortas from up and down the Peninsula. Redwood City is replete with great cooking, especially from Michoacan, but from many of the states besides. C.C. does the D.F. proud.

      761 El Camino Real, Redwood City
      2128 Middlefield Rd, Redwood City

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        Was checking the website to see if the location in Newark's still in business. The website's under construction, but here's the cached version, which shows at mobile version of CC, presumably roaming the So SF and Burlingame areas. anyone spot it?

        La Casita Chilanga Móvil
        South San Francisco
        Burlingame, Ca
        Tel: 650.826.0127

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          just called the #. based on my broken spanish, it seems to be near a car dealership on california dr. in b'game. this could be mike harvey acura at broadway, or something closer to burlingame ave.
          i'd go check it out, but i have lotsa leftovers to get thru this week.

        2. re: David Sloo

          They also have borrego on Sundays.