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Feb 20, 2007 12:00 PM

McMinnville area Burger/Beer/Fish & Chips

I'll be up for a few days in wine country, but I love beer and I know the PNW is beer country too. What are the favorite local brew pubs with good chow too? We're staying in McMinnville for 2 nights, but we'll be roaming around the area tasting wine during the day and could hit up a brew pub for lunch if it was a ways from McMinnville.

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  1. There are a LOT of good local beers up there, you shouldn't have a problem finding some good taps at any decent restaurant. If you're looking for a brewpub, try one of the McMenamins locations. good food, great beers, and they make their own wines too. Here's a link to the locations in that area:

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      What are your favorite locally brewed beers? We're staying at the Hotel Oregon (McMenamin's McMinnville joint), so I'm sure we'll have a meal there but if anything else stands out for you please speak up ;)

    2. There's a McMenamin's outpost and Golden Valley Brewpub in McMinnville--I think Golden Valley has better food, although it's not terribly remarkable:

      1. We really like Golden Valley (just down the street from where you are staying). Their food is better than average. They raise their own beef, feeding it the spent grains from the brewery. It is very good! They also offer a nice sampler of their beers making it easy try everything they have.


        1. OK, I know this probably isn't what you have in mind, but it so happens that McMinnville has one of the quirkiest burger joints in all of Oregon. It's called Alf's (1250 SW Baker St. near Linfield College) and it features a big menu -- all variations on the theme of burger and fries, including what I believe is called the "All Day Burger" which is huge. The have great fresh berry shakes in season, frozen berry shakes when not in season. Oh and they also have a resident monkey named Elvis. So picture yourself sharing an All Day Burger with a friend and slurping a marionberry shake while communing with Elvis. It's a unique experience, I can tell you.