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Feb 20, 2007 11:52 AM

Green Street Grill

I used to spend quite a bit of time in Boston, and loved a restaurant in Cambridge called the Green Street Grill. Very spicy, creative food, funky atmosphere, cheerful service. The chef was from the Caribbean, and he knew how to handle heat. Is it still there and if so, is it still great?

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  1. It's still there but has changed. The former chef is now at Something Savory in Arlington. I need to spend more time at the new Green Street. While the menu has changed to comfort food, something about it is very appealing.

      1. Still there, but under a different owner. I liked it my one visit last year, but some here don't like it as much. They still have the delicious (and very hot) goat stew. Read this thread:

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          I'm fairly certain even the goat stew is no longer there, a development since that thread last May.

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            I thought I had read that here, but they still list a curried goat stew on their online menu.


            Spicy Coconut Curried Goat Stew with malanga, chayote & calabaza. Sweet fried plantains, jasmine rice & red beans $17

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              I heard that they were thinking about bringing the goat curry back and I thought I saw it on the menu when I was there a few weeks ago.

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                Maybe in the meantime someone out near Arlington could find out the recipe from the former chef then post to Home Cooking for all to enjoy.

        2. Hmmm...I'm about 100% that is the old website from the previous incarnation. For one, the new owner has dropped the 'grill' from the official name (but everyone still adds it when it's referred), they do not offer live music anymore, and the food is more comfort/new england food with a slight upscale twist (mac & cheese with duck confit rocks!!!)

          I'm surprised this website is till up, though. Weird. I'll mention that to them when I go in next and get the scoop.

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            You're right, here is the new website and it doesn't include the curry. I found it by googling then going to the open list link. The old website still comes up first.


          2. The new website is

            Kickass bartending, one of the best at the old-school cocktails. The menu is slightly modernized New England comfort food now. I do miss the goat stew, but the food is decent and prices are still reasonable.

            You could do a lot worse than sit at the bar, drink their amazing cocktails (tons of interesting rye- and rum-based drinks), and get a couple of bar nibbles (a huge bowl of spiced candied nuts, great housemade potato chips with dip, fine housemade pickles, superb deviled eggs, all $3 each). They make a mean grilled cheese sandwich, too.

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              That grilled cheese is yummy; in fact, I thought it was the most interesting of all the things I've had there (ranging from bar snacks to a cod dish a few months ago). I agree that sitting at the bar and enjoying cocktails and snacking is the way to go these days, until Dylan breaks down and brings back the spice.

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                Hear hear - the cocktails at GSG are fantastic. Nice selection of rum and bourbon, too.