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Rose Restaurant same as Cafe Rose?

We were looking at the Persian phone book at Kabob Bazaar in Arlington and saw there is now a Rose Restaurant in Vienna. Can this be the same as the late lamented Cafe Rose that was in Falls Church? Anyone been?

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  1. Yes. The owners' daughter confirmed this on Tyler Cowen's site...and I believe it had changed its name to Rose Restaurant prior to closing in Falls Church.

    1. Wow, this is really great news. I will have to go there as soon as possible. Cafe Rose was a veritable star in the Chowhound firmament.

      Yeah, I hate the way that sounds, too.

      1. I believe so. I ate there a week ago and it was very good. It's one of the few kabob shops that serves a few stews as well as grilled meat.

        And speaking of Kabob shops, I noticed that there's a new one about to open in the shopping center across Wilson Blvd from the Eden Center, in the place where a Thai restaurant used to be. I'm thinking it's Kabob Express, but I just caught a glimpse of it from Wilson Blvd when driving by.

        1. By chance was the Falls Church Rose Restaurant the one on the ground floor of the non-descript motel right in town, across from Anythony's? I distinctly remember a neon rose but was always skeptical to try it.

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          1. I was a fan of Rose in Falls Church as well. What is the address of the new location in Vienna?

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              Rose Restaurant
              126 Maple Avenue West, Vienna, VA 22180
              (703) 255-2557

              www.411.com is your friend.

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                It is where the Vienna location of Bread & Kabob used to be

              2. Just in case there was any lingering question, I stopped in today and it is in fact true. The owner's son, "Joey," is running the front of the house. He says they have been open in Vienna now since Sept and have been trying to get the word out to their old Falls Church customers. Joey said that to date they have had a B1G1 coupon running in "the clipper," but they had the Falls Chruch Press in yesterday and they will be running a story soon, which will help. Joey also said that most of the old regulars have found their way back and that business is brisk...he is now looking in to hiring some help since he is serving as manager, host, and waiter.

                I have attahed a copy of the inside of the menu for anyone who might be interested. For dessert, they have persian (presumably saffron) ice cream and baklava on the menu, and offer Dough in addition to standard bottled and fountain soft drinks, tea, and coffee.

                Definitely worth a visit from any fans of the old Cafe Rose / Rose Restaurant. Still the same Oveysi family operation.

                Oh...since I had kabobs earlier this week, I had Ghormeh Sabzi and it was, of course, quite tasty, just as I remember it.

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                  We stopped by for lunch today. The atmosphere is a bit different. You order and pay at a counter. Actually, it's a desk--REALLY a desk, which is kind of cute. They bring your food to you at the table. Much of the food is on styrofoam plates, except for dishes that go in the oven.

                  There is a parking lot in the rear.

                  We had warm eggplant dip, yogurt with shallots, torshi (pickle), braised lamb shank, and Gheymeh, which is a beef and legume stew. It came with bread, onion, hot sauce, and yogurt with cucumber and garlic. Everything was as good as in the old place, and, as in the old place, it all tastes very different from Lebanese, Pakistani (Ravi Kebob), and Turkish versions of similar dishes. All that with tea following was about $30, and it was enough to feed 3-4. Definitely worth a trip.

                  It seemed as if the menu might be a bit shorter, but I wouldn't swear to it.

                2. The good news here is that a meal at Rose Restaurant still packs a wallop. Start off with torshi (a chopped pickle dish), garlic torshi (roasted whole cloves of garlic marinated in a balsamic syrup) and you will encounter some pretty spectacular flavors. That plus the bademjan - eggplant dip- makes for quite a meal. The chicken kabobs on the bone and the gormeh sabzi stew are winners. Everything served with a yogurt dip and a hot green sauce.

                  The menu is just a bit shorter than the old Falls Church location: no more stuffed grape leaves, no salmon kabobs, no homemade cherry drink, and even if you ask for tah dig or raw egg for your rice, you can't get it. So the experience is not as complete.

                  But this place is a much better business model for them. Already I see many more customers than in the past. Order at the counter and the food comes (piping hot!) within moments. Brightly lit, fast food ambience. There's a lot to like here.

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                    I wish they had metal tools though. I'll have to remember next time to bring my own knife and fork. I can deal with the foam plates, but the food is just too classy for plastic utensils,

                    By the way, the current edition of the Falls Church News Press has an article about the Rose, so expect more crowds. It was pretty popular among Falls Gulch locals.

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                      I posted a scan of the full menu (sans dessert and beverages, which are on the back) a couple responses up...http://www.chowhound.com/topics/37305... case anyone was interested and missed it. jsut click that little greyish box at the end of my post

                    2. I hadn't eaten there for a few years and was disappointed when I found the Falls Church location closed. When I saw they had reopened in Vienna, a friend and I had lunch there today and it was soooo good! A total hole-in-the-wall, but sometimes that is where the best food is found.

                      I don't recall the names of the dishes, but my friend had lamb kabobs and I had a stew with very tender beef, lentils, sliced peppers and a scant amount of sliced fried potatoes...DELISH!

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                        The stew you had was probably Gheymeh, which is beef and split chick peas topped with potato sticks. It is very delicious.

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                          My wife and I were there on Monday. We had both of the two stews on the menu. I thought the stews were okay but not standouts (the potatoes in the Gheymeh seem out of place, but the dish also has an eggplant version, which probably works better). But the host said they're expanding the menu to include more stews, including fessenjen (sp?), which has been sadly missing from local menues since the nearby Bahar went out of business several years ago.

                          But the torshi was the best I've had anywhere, and the rice so fluffy it nearly floated off the plate. The host was an engaging guy, very solicitous and helpful. We mentioned barberries (those little currant/cranberry things) and he brought a dish of them to mix through our rice. Wonderful.

                          We'll likely return, as we haven't tried their kababs yet, and they looked good. But the good service has a lot to do with it, too.

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                            Another menu item you should try is the lamb shank. The last time I had it, in Falls Church, it was excellent.

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                              I agree. As noted above, we had it a few weeks ago, and it was as good as it was in Falls Church.

                        2. We saw the new Vienna location, and went there, loving the old Rose's food as we did, however were very disappointed. The Gormeh Sabzi was too salty (maybe cooked down too long) and so was the eggplant appetizer. As much as we eat out, it was odd to find food that was really too salty to eat comfortably. I was so embarrassed for them I was going to tell them, but I figured they wouldn't know what I was talking about- I just couldn't bear to tell them it wasn't good- but now I'm sorry I didn't say anything. Sometimes they need to taste test to make sure it hasn't been salted by more than one cook!

                          1. Dear Everyone, I am the son of the previously tri-split owners.

                            Previously Cafe Rose was owned solely by the Oveysi familt however the new business was split between three owners, me being the son of Mr. Sharifi. It has been about a year now that the business has been completely sold to a new owner due to problems between families. I guess mixing family and business is NOT a good choice afterall. And to also confirm it was a branch of Cafe Rose, however different. Sorry about the foam plates during the beginning of the period of opening, we switched to large ceramic plates shortly after, we also used to serve hookah from 10p.m. to 2 a.m. but rid of it shortly after.

                            Once more to confirm this is not owned by the original owners anymore, however they are using our name, and paying for it.

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                              While they are paying for it, with all due respect to Shamshiry and Amoo's (among others) this is now the best Persian kababary in the D. C. area. I could not rave more about the Rose restaurant in Vienna.

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                                Thanks for the explanation. I've noticed some changes in Vienna since you've been there. I really like the food and courteous and friendly service. I wish I could get my Vienna friend with whom I eat frequently to like it better. For some reason he just doesn't like it as much as Shamshiry so I only manage to drag him there one out of about every three times when we go for kabobs. Don't know why, but there's no accounting for preferences, I guess. He never ventures beyond beef kabobs and maybe that's not as tasty as the lamb or chicken dishes.

                              2. My favorite dish right now is the gaymeh, a beef stew with chickpeas. They charge another dollar to add eggplant, which really makes the dish complete (it used to be integrated into the stew).