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Feb 20, 2007 11:28 AM

Rose Restaurant same as Cafe Rose?

We were looking at the Persian phone book at Kabob Bazaar in Arlington and saw there is now a Rose Restaurant in Vienna. Can this be the same as the late lamented Cafe Rose that was in Falls Church? Anyone been?

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  1. Yes. The owners' daughter confirmed this on Tyler Cowen's site...and I believe it had changed its name to Rose Restaurant prior to closing in Falls Church.

    1. Wow, this is really great news. I will have to go there as soon as possible. Cafe Rose was a veritable star in the Chowhound firmament.

      Yeah, I hate the way that sounds, too.

      1. I believe so. I ate there a week ago and it was very good. It's one of the few kabob shops that serves a few stews as well as grilled meat.

        And speaking of Kabob shops, I noticed that there's a new one about to open in the shopping center across Wilson Blvd from the Eden Center, in the place where a Thai restaurant used to be. I'm thinking it's Kabob Express, but I just caught a glimpse of it from Wilson Blvd when driving by.

        1. By chance was the Falls Church Rose Restaurant the one on the ground floor of the non-descript motel right in town, across from Anythony's? I distinctly remember a neon rose but was always skeptical to try it.

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          1. I was a fan of Rose in Falls Church as well. What is the address of the new location in Vienna?

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              Rose Restaurant
              126 Maple Avenue West, Vienna, VA 22180
              (703) 255-2557

     is your friend.

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                It is where the Vienna location of Bread & Kabob used to be