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What do you do with smoked pork chops?

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What do you do with smoked pork chops? I love pork, love smoke, love BBQ, etc., but am not sure I've ever had a smoked chop. Would you eat it as is? Cook it in a choucroute?


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  1. Make a Kassler Rippchen meal. It's a classic German recipe with smoked pork chops (sometimes loin). I'm sure there are plenty of recipes online.

    In fact, here's one that looks tasty:


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      You took the words right out of my fingers. Kasseler rippchen indeed,

      I also brown them and serve them with braised cabbage and all sorts of other delicious things.

    2. Get a recipe for cooking greens such as Kale, Collards, etc. . Add the smoked chops and Cook until they and the greens are done to your liking. Enjoy!

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        The same way I use them, plus in "cassoulets" and choucroute. They're too salty for us when eaten alone; we marinate and grill regular pork chops for that flavor. Cook all my country veggies in it, plus add it to dried red beans and dried limas.

      2. when I was a kid I used to LOVE these for breakfast

        1. First buy them from a local butcher / mexican grocer. I have them cut thin (1/3 inch). They are excellent breakfast / brunch food but there is a must have side - a heaping pile of home fries. Make em your self or get a sack of them from your local Yellow Basket / or simailar restaurant.

          1. you can serve them with a wurst of your choice...braised red cabbage, saurkraut, hot potato salad... very German. or large dice them, brown in a very little bit of oil with onions, garlic, add greens of your choice, I like kale, cook down with a bit of liquid... then add a can of rinsed red beans, season to taste, let flavors meld. yum.

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              I luv saurkrout on Ruben sandwiches. I gotta try your post.

            2. We love smoked pork chops and have tried them in a variety of preparations. My first recommendation would be for you to taste your chop to gauge the degree of saltiness.

              In my experience; saltier chops are best suited to stews, braises and the like. That said, if you can find a fabulous source for perfectly seasoned smoked pork, the possibilities are endless.

              We love to grill them and then top them w a chutney or salsa. One of our favourites last year was a grilled chop topped w sweet cherries that I'd simmered w some shallots, a little Sam Adams Cherry Wheat beer and, some sriracha. So delicious!

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                Good tips, Bread. Saltiness is crucial.

                I have to add, I can't abide flavored beers (also flavored coffees), but your cherry Sam Adams approach is something I'd love to try. I'll make a note of it.

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                  I hope you enjoy it bb. Like you, I have no interest whatsoever in flavoured anything but this beer pairs perfectly w pork (and I'm really a red wine lover). It inspired me to experiment and that dish I described was an immediate hit. I'd suggest that you try the sauce without the sriracha first to see if and how much you'd like to add if you haven't tried that combo previously.

              2. I make a maple glaze for them, using this glaze recipe from Epicurious.


                Serve with scalloped potatoes and a green vegetable or carrots.

                1. in addition to everything already said, which i endorse whole heartedly, they are great as the pork component in rice soup(s), fried rice, as well as omelets and the like

                  1. Smoked hocks or smoked pork chops with braised savoy cabbage and potatoes.

                    1. Ditto what everyone else has said and also try it for soup.
                      Celery, cauliflower, split pea, lentil, any soup you'd use a ham hock in.

                      Smoked pork of any kind plus any cabbagey kale vegetable. Mmmm.

                      1. I've always thought of smoked pork chops as part of a French choucroute garnie. Smoked pork chops with boiled new potatoes and sauerkraut along with some very hot/spicy mustard. I actually never had a smoked pork chop in France, but the idea is the same.