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Feb 20, 2007 11:25 AM

Can anyone tell me where I can find a kaiten sushi place in the San Antonio area?

I moved down here from Seattle a year ago, and I miss the sushi. I'm not a big fan of trendy, pretentious sushi bars, and I really want to find a good kaiten sushi joint. Kaiten sushi is a place that serves their sushi on a conveyor belt, and you just pull the plates that catch your eye, and tally up the total cost of plates at the end of your meal. Maybe I' not looking in the right places, but is there anything like that down here? I'm about ready to hop a plane back home to Seattle just to get some sushi!

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  1. I have not been able to find a kaiten sushi place in S.A. yet, but I would highly recommend a place called Niki's Tokyo Inn on Hildebrand near I-10.
    Japanese owned, friendly people and straight up authentic rolls.
    Toro Sushi on the menu and the only non-traditional roll on the menu is the California roll.
    Secondly I would recommend Godai Sushi on West Ave.
    If you do have any luck finding the float boat place, let me know please.
    You can also peek around here

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      Fujiya has authentic sushi rolls and Japanese owned as well. It's funny to see most of the Japanese restaurants here in SA have Mexican sushi chefs. I have been to Koi Kawa, and the one near Majestic theatre (forgot the name, had NYC/Boston prices but definitely not the quality), both Sushi Zushi in Stone Oak/Colonial, Goro's and Godai (Korean Owned and put too much salty sauce on ALL the rolls! It was scary). I was really disappointed with the quality of the food overall. You can also try Sushi Zushi in Stone Oak if you live near that area.

      I'm ready to hop a plane back home to Boston just to get some quality food.

    2. I don't think there's a place anywhere in Texas that has kaiten sushi. The next best thing was at I <3 Sushi before it was renamed and they had the sushi on boats, but they don't do that anymore.

      1. I believe Koi Kawa in the Quarry had it, but they are closed (had sushi once from there wasn't impressed). Their downtown location doesn't have it.


        1. Didn't know Koi Kawa in the Quarry had closed. H.E.B.Grocery Stores have a sushi station
          where they make it fresh.Have to buy some there.You get to watch them make it right in front of you.