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Feb 20, 2007 11:25 AM

Cheap Lunch Spot around 26th and 6th ave

Anyone have some good suggestions of a cheap place for lunch around that area? No specific cuisine in mind. Thanks!

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  1. Try the Taste Good Chinese Restaruant on 25th between Bway and 6th Ave. It is a hole-in-thewall, but the food is really good and cheap. (Lunch specials are about 6$ for soup, stir fry and rice.) I go to the Chelsea Flea Market and I lunch there all the time. Enjoy.

    1. Antique Café's not far from there.

      1. Waldy's on 6th (27th) has good and cheap pizza.

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          And don't forget the penne--the roquefort and crouton kind is excellent (if you like roquefort). Others are good too but not earth-shattering.

        2. There is a latin-american restaurant on 26th between 6th and Broadway. I think it's called the Spanish-American Restaurant. Full meals for well under $10. Cuban sandwiches for about $5 are not always great but often are excellent.

          Across the street is an Indian restaurant that is not bad at all.

          Good luck.

          1. There's always Whole Foods on 25th & 7th Ave which has quick lunch bar options; as well as Chipotle on 26th & 7th. Also Garden of Eden, on 23rd between 6ty & 7th, which also has lunch bars as well as premade sandwiches. They're chain-y but will do when you need a quick cheap fix. I'm also a big fan of Chipotle's burrito bol.

            Both Malibu Diner and the thai restaurant Pongsri is on 23rd between 6th & 7th. Malibu is solid diner fare, very cheap, and Pongsri is "pretty good" Thai, albeit a bit oily. But if what you're looking for is cheap price they've got it...and a lunch special too.

            Good luck!