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Feb 20, 2007 11:19 AM

Polish food in Worcester area??

I'm looking for paczki's or kielbasa or any kind of good Polish food....takeout or restaurants... in the Worcester-Framingham-Franklin areas. Thanks!!

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  1. Golemo on Millbury St., Worcester has awesome sausage. It's a market though, not a restaurant.

    1. isn't there a place in boston area call Polina? It's a Polish Restaurant.

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        It's Cafe Polonia, and it's in Andrew Square, South Boston. Many reviews are on the Boston board.

      2. The folks who run the market across from the favorite polish rest in southie recently took over tom's international deli on water st. that's in addition the market and deli on millbury st.

        1. Haven't lived in Worcester for a while but Tom's International Deli off of Kelly Sq. had ALL kinds of Polish goodies. Probably still does...

          1. thanks, ...I'll check out Tom's and the Millbury St one while I'm there in Worcester. Someone also told me about ?Polaski St in Bellingham (near Franklin/Milford) having Polish stores as well.

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              I found a Polish Deli in Blackstone. It's located in the plaza where the Stop & Shop is, right on the Blackstone/Woonsocket line, Rt 126. All types of homemade kielbasa and strings of imported dried mushrooms.