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Coconut Creme Pie?

Anyone know where to buy a great coconut creme pie. It's a friend's birthday and they've requested it. I don't want to be forced to go to like marie callenders or something. Thanks.

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    1. re: kevin

      I second Apple Pan. Others mentioned are also very good, but Apple Pan's is amazing.

          1. re: ipsedixit

            Martino's Bakery in Burbank... They make the pies that Philippes serves.

            1. re: darrenk

              You beat me to it - Martino's has great pies. They're closed on Sundays, just in case you were planning to go then.

              1. re: CynD

                Martino's also has amazing cinnamon & sugar muffins!

          1. Marie Callenders pies are way better than any of those!

            1. Nobody makes Coconut Cream out here, it's all Coconut Meringue.

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              1. re: jackattack

                Love Pie N' Burger! I didn't even realize that House of Pies still existed. Loved going there as a kid (to the one in Beverly Hills and the one in Santa Monica, both of which are long gone). Where is the House of Pies located???

                1. re: handlertaper

                  In Los Feliz - on Vermont & Franklin.

                  1. re: mrpullings

                    The Engine Co 28 in downtown has an excellent cocunut cream pie. They don't have it every day so I would call ahead to make sure they do. It is worth the drive!

                2. re: jackattack

                  Yes, Pie N Burger's does have meringue - makes it all the more yummy!

                  1. re: WildSwede

                    SusieCakes coconut cream pie is ethereal.

                3. Susina has a pretty good coconut cream pie, but it-- along with everything else I've ever tried there-- tastes like the interior of Susina (maybe it's the fridge???).

                  1. If I may tag along with Maudies5 and WildSwede with the following. I have regularly driven from Santa Monica to Pasadena for Pie 'n Burger's stunning version. About two years ago the waitress mistakenly left the meringue on and to save all concerned time and effort I said just bring the whipped cream separately. A new dessert sensation was born. Alright a bit of hyperbole, perhaps, but so satisfying. Something about the faint toastiness of the meringue against the unabashed sweetness of the cream is amazing. As for Susiecakes, well, it's in a class by itself. Truly. I'm on a forced diet because I helped consume no less than three small versions in the last thirty days. Just try it.

                    For those into nostalgia, Bullock's Wishire use to serve a mile high version in their Tea Room that was the stuff that dreams are made of. That's pie for you.

                    1. My list..

                      Cafe Montana
                      Classic Thai (Eagle Rock)
                      Pie 'n Burger
                      Bake 'n Broil
                      Apple Pan