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Feb 20, 2007 10:55 AM

Le Jules Verne

Has any one been to Le Jules Verne since Alain Ducasse took over? I can't find a single review online and am going there in about 2 week. Any suggestions?


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  1. They've lost their single michelin star (which is normal when there is a change) should be interesting to try, as Ducasse is going to give his best to this institutional place...

    1. i will be there in early april (with my 15 yr old daughter), so if anyone gets there before that, please post. would love to know what's a great dish to order.

      1. I'll be really interested in your review. I'm leading a tour in November, and I've always wanted to dine there -- the view, and all -- but wouldn't compromise for bad food.

        Cannot imagine Ducasse butting out bad food anywhere...

        1. Well, if I'm the first I will definitely post a report.