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Feb 20, 2007 10:24 AM

Restaurants in the Mt. Kisco area?

Does anyone know of any restaurants in the Mt. Kisco area that provide gluten free options? I have Celiac and have not eaten out in I don't know how long and am dying to go out and eat. Any suggestions?

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  1. The Heights in Yorktown

    1. Restaurant Luna in Mount Kisco (which has recently changed owners) is now called Woody's Cafe. Although I haven't been there under the new name, I hear the menu is similar and they will absolutely accomodate a gluten free diet. They do a lot of grilled items and are sensative to food allergies.

      The Heights in Yorktown, as Alexr mentioned, is very good and has an entire menu dedicated to those on a gluten free diet.

      1. PF changs in white plains is also very accommodating.

        1. Myong's Private Label Gourmet in MT Kisco has homemade gluten free muffins! They are awesome!

          1. Try Seasons in Somers on Rte. 100 - only 15 minutes from Mt. Kisco.