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Feb 20, 2007 10:02 AM

This Saturday for six?

We are celebrating our friend's 25th wedding anniversary and are having trouble picking out a restaurant. We are thinking of Henry's End, Noodle Pudding, Queen or Piccola Venezia. One person is a meat and potato man; the other is a vegetarian. We have a car, so ease of parking is a consideration. Bonus points if any of these restaurants have a round table. Thanks! DMJ

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    1. oh, if you have a car, you should go to 360 in red hook. only issue would be the vegetarian. they have vege appetizers but the entrees are usually meat or fish. of course, they can order a a la carte.

      if they have the braised pork or the duck breast, jump on that. they had a shitake mushroom appetizer on friday night with leek was excellent.

      1. The Good Fork is also in Red Hook (ample parking day or night), and there are vegetarian options

        1. Noodle Pudding does not take reservations. Henry's End will be very crowded on a Saturday night and doesn't have round tables. PV has valet parking, and you probably could find a space in a block or so if you don't like to use valet. They have a large menu, so I'm pretty sure a vegetarian would have a choice. And they have round tables. Ask when you reserve. Don't remember any round tables in Queen, but otherwise it should meet your needs (although the veg choices might be limited).

          1. Queen indeed has round tables, takes reservations, will have room on a Saturday night, has MANY vegetarian options, and there's a parking garage on the corner of Court & Atlantic.

            I also think Noodle Pudding (cash only!) might take reservations for a party of 6.

            Considering you have a car, I strongly recommend trying Locanda Vini & Olii out in Clinton Hill. Very festive, has a round table, and easy street parking.