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Feb 20, 2007 09:52 AM

Fresh lobster meat in Chicago?

hi all!

I am looking to make a lobster pot pie for a special dinner. Does anyone have a recommendation for fresh picked lobster meat? I am just not up for boiling and picking those little guys myself.

Northside Chicago location would be great - but I will travel if it is great quality.

thanks! Alise

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  1. Dirk's on Clybourn. Expensive but really fresh. 2070 W Clybourn Ave.
    Give them a call and see if they have the lobster meat.

      1. The FIsh Guy on Elston is the best fresh fish!

        1. I always order online. They get it to you the next day and it is fresh as can be and pretty affordable.....for lobsta!

          Last time I went with and was very pleased. What I had left over I put into a Squash soup. Delicious.