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Feb 20, 2007 09:51 AM

Perugia or somewhere else close to Cortona?

I will be staying in Cortona for a week this summer.

Are there any chow-worthy places in Perugia? Or should I skip it, even though I will be so close? From a cookie to a tasting menu, If it's worth eating, we will happily drive over.

Aside from a long jaunt to eat dinner at Gambero Rosso in San Vincenze by way of Sienna - any thoughts on can't miss foodie stops in any local towns near Cortona?

Any restaurants, food markets, food shops, etc in Cortona would be great also ;o)

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  1. Im not sure why you would go all the way over to Perugia or for that matter even farther to Gambero Rosso when you are as centrally located for tuscany and umbria as Cortona. There are lots and lots of posts here on the Italy board as well as on International (where the Italian info pre-July 1 sits) for you to search and access. Il Postale and La Chiusa are a couple of the highly regarded places (over my budget though) not too far away.

    Here's a sample post from International. Just go on that board and input some search terms.

    check the Slowfood guide too, for less pricy stuff.

    I envy you your week!

    1. I can offer several places near Perugia, although its a hike from Cortona.

      Il Bacco Felice is near the train station in Foligno. Salvadore uses produce from his own farm and organic olive oil from my friend. Every square inch of the place is covered with graffiti.

      La Bastiglia is a hotel at the top of Spello, (near Assisi) with an adventurous kitchen.

      And Enoteca Piazza Onofri in the center of Bevagna is in Slowfood books. Good local wine and rustic eats.

      And if you want to really venture into Umbria, I Sette Consoli, in Orvieto Alta, is my favorite in all of Italy.

      1. We've had sensational roast pork and roast chicken from the street market in Cortona. The chicken sells out fast. The pork man gives generous samples too.

        1. Do a search for Pienza. There is a wonderful small restaurant (4 or 5 tables) there run by a husband & wife that has been mentioned on this board multiple times. Definitely worth a visit for dinner. Reservations a must.

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            The restaurant in Pienza I am thinking of is Il Rosselino. Be sure to do a search of Pienza, Montalcino, Cortona, etc. on the International board to pull up older posts.

            In the meantime, try this:


          2. I echo the praise for Il Rossellino (Piazza di Spagna 4) in Pienza. Seats 20 max. On one occasion, I was shown a wooden basket full of large porcini for my choosing, and my secondo was one porcino cap sauted in butter and thyme. Staggering.