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Looking for SLIDERS (mini-hamburgers) fast food in LA/OC?

Is there any fast food place (I know sit-down places, such as Claimjumpers or the various sportsbars carry them) similar to White Castle or Krystal that make these greasy little concoctions of soggy bun and steamed meat?

I'm a big In-N-Out fan already so no need to preach to the choir about the virtues of In-N-Out (or Tommy's, etc). But every so often I get the hunkering for these little grease bombs aka 'sliders'.

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  1. I hear they have them at Campanile on grilled cheese night (Thursday), but I have a feeling that's not the kind of place you're asking for.

    1. Fast food joint? Dunno, but I saw them on the menu at Yard House. Didn't try them, so can't comment on quality.It's a chain w/ locations all over the country now, so this might not be appropriate for the L.A.board.

      And Denny's. They got them at Denny's for your late night greasebomb jones.

      1. You can buy packages of WC burgers, 16 to a box at Costco, Smart and Final, and I think Sams.

        1. The Counter in SM used to have some pretty decent sliders. But I have not been there since it has been sold to the franchisee.

          1. Quality varies, but you can get some decent ones at Hamburger Hamlets. The Counter's sliders were based on the Hamlet's.

            1. Jake's Billiards (the attached diner upstaris) in Old Town pasadena has sliders. As to their quality...well, they were very good when I had them, but then again I was drunk. So I recommend you get drunk first and give them a try.

              1. I know it's probably the least foodie place recommended,

                but I also am a sucker for sliders, and have loved the ones at the Saddle Ranch on Sunset.

                Fast food though...I have no clue.

                1. Wood Ranch Grill has good ones.

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                    I agree. The perfect lunch with a bowl of their version of chicken tortilla.

                  2. Hennessey's in Hermosa Beach, Redondo Beach and Dana Point are good.

                    1. also not a (a) fast food place, or (b) particularly chowish place, but at happy hour the daily grill in santa monica (and maybe others in the chain) has really good mini-burgers, somewhat larger than your typical slider, at $3 for two. an order of those plus a shared order of fries ($4 and enough for 2 or 3 people) makes a tasty and cheap late lunch or early dinner.

                      1. I came across this article today and remembered this post. Thought I'd pass it along.


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                          Wow, LAMB sliders?! I'd feel decadent while still feeling down home.

                        2. Ruby's have started to carry sliders and I even saw an ad for Kobe beef sliders. I haven't tried them there yet. Also, Tommy Bahamas in Corona del Mar has a sea scallop slider for an appetizer...really yummy!

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                            The kobe beef sliders at Ruby's look interesting. They also have crabcake sliders and carnitas sliders.

                          2. Aire in Costa Mesa have AWESOME kobe sliders...$5 a pop but you have to ask for them since they're not on the menu.


                            1. not fast food, but hamburger hamlet has 'em (one of the only decent things there), houston's, and i believe barney's beanery, cheesecake factory (yes they're decent here), brittania pub in santa monica, and citizen smith