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Feb 20, 2007 09:35 AM

Good Persian food (Cherry Rice) in the SFV?

ok .... the surrounding areas would work as well....

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  1. Albaloo Polo (Cherry Rice) is a specialty dish. I think they have it at Shamshiri Grill in Westwood, but I can't remember.

    1. In the SFV, specifically, here are some other Persian dining options, but I'm not sure if they have cherry rice, because I never order that.

      All of these are on Ventura Blvd.

      Shirin-- Woodland Hills
      Colbeh Sabz (Green Cottage)-- Woodland Hills
      Darband-- Encino
      Maykadeh-- Encino
      Shamshiri-- Northridge

      For kabob, and basically kabob only, a good take-out place is It's All Good
      on Reseda Blvd. in Reseda. This would also be cheaper than the others.

      Also, someone mentioned that Shahrzad in Westwood has cherry rice. Hope this helps.

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        Sorry, the Shamshiri in Northridge is on Tampa Avenue at Roscoe, if I remember correctly (not on Ventura Blvd.). Of the Shamshiri in Northridge and the one in Westwood, I definitely prefer the one in Westwood. Why? Better food, better decor and better atmosphere (the one in Westwood has art by young Persian artists on the wall too :).

        My family always gets kabob from It's All Good, which is a busy hole-in-the-wall in Reseda, but if we are dining out for the evening in the Valley, Darband and Maykadeh are usually the places of choice.

      2. I like the cherry rice at Char Fasl in Agoura Hills. Wonderfully sour.

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          I *always* get the cherry rice at Char Fasl, but it's not sour enough!

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            Welp that's the destination this weekend.....thans for the recs!

            1. re: wizardx

              Their lunch entrees come with a choice of salad or lentil soup. The lentil soup (with a squeeze of lime) is awesome.