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Feb 20, 2007 09:15 AM

One Great Dish At Murray's

I work downtown near Murray's, but almost never go there because the menu is full of average food cooked for older Minnesotans. But I had to go for lunch two weeks ago to meet an old friend.

I ordered the beef Stroganoff. And boy was it delicious. I really can't imagine a better version of this dish. It had completely lean beef cut to the right dimensions and cooked until tender. The sauce was full of sour cream and was smooth and not too thick. The dish had nice mushrooms, and was liberally laced with black pepper in just the right amount. It was an enormous portion served over egg noodles. Probably took a week off my life expectancy, but just a great winter dish.

The food ordered by my companions was average at best. However, if you like Stroganoff and are downtown it is worth a special trip to try this.

(Also the garlic toasts in the bread basket are wonderful).

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  1. What city is this located in?

    (You'll notice that most topics in this forum put MSP, STL, KC, etc in the topic title.)

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      Sorry -- you're right. I always mentally filter out the other cities, but need the identifier to do so.

    2. It's in Minneapolis.

      I will have to remember the beef Stroganoff (and toast) should I ever find myself stranded at Murrays. It sounds like excellent comfort food!