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Feb 20, 2007 09:05 AM

Sushi Challenge!

The challenge is to find Cheap & Cheerful (Inexpensive AND fresh) sushi on the island of Montreal. Takeout is a plus, not a knock.

Sounds simple? Not for me, I haven't found one place that is remotely close to what can be found in Vancouver for example, even for salmon that is raised on the east coast!

Does anyone know anywhere that can rise to the challenge?

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  1. Okane in the Rockland center is definitely the best 'cheap' sushi in the city hands down. Best hidden gem around.

    1. Tataki would meet your criteria. Cheap & cheerful, fresh & good sushi, take out avail.(they have lots of take out customers). There are only about 5 tables inside. On Duluth just east of St. Laurent (61 Duluth east). Traditional and inventive offerings.

      1. Not the cheapest but great QPR all the same:

        Sushi Volant
        519 Rachel East
        Montreal, QC H2J 2H3
        514 523-1085

        1. Miyako on Amherst is great and reasonably priced.