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Red Velvet Cake

Where can I get a good Red Velvet Cake. I have had a craving and my birthday is coming up...thought I would treat myself.

Any suggestions?

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  1. Doughboy's on 3rd and Crescent Heights has them by the slice but you can buy a whole cake.

    Do a search of red velvet cake, there was just a thread on this.

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      there's a thread on this every week!

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        Doughboy's isn't a slice (unless you can get a slice and I just don't know), it's a miniature round cake that's big enough for two to four people depending how much you want to eat. It's very very very very moist, and actually even more delicious the second day after the moisture has soaked back into the cake a little.

        Here's a row of their individual cakes. They look smaller when they're all together, but each one is so big you can barely balance it on one palm.

        Buttercake on Pico has cupcakes and mini cupcakes that are a little less intensely red, but definitely not as exciting as Doughby's version. Perfect if you just mean a treat for yourself though.

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          Yeah, you're right... I just meant that they're typically sold as individual servings, but you can buy a whole cake as well if you call ahead. But yeah, each "mini cake" feeds 2 or 3 people so maybe that's enough.

          I think you forgot to insert the picture.

          I agree that it tastes just as good if not better the next day.

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            Just had the red velvet at Doughboy's. I wish it had a more chocolatey taste, but the frosting was yum!

        2. The red velvet cake at Nick & Stef's steakhouse downtown is the best I've ever had, by far. Tried the Doughboys one and it didn't really float my boat. Someone else ordered it at Nick & Stef's, I had a bite and was kicking myself for not getting one too. Good aged steaks there, too.

          1. www.kissmybundt.net - LA area boutique bakery makes them in 3 sizes. Owner is from the south and bakes from scratch. Very tasty.

            1. If you're all about the red velvet, but are flexible about the form in which it comes, I'd recommend the red velvet cupcakes at Sprinkles. Toast makes a terrific red velvet cupcake, too. Happy Birthday!

                1. Without a doubt, Jongewaard's Bake & Broil in Long Beach. 405, Exit Atlantic, go north about 1/2 mile. Corner of Atlantic and I believe 36th but not sure.

                  So moist, cream cheese frosting, available whole or by the slice and inexpensive too.

                  Side Note: Was at Claim Jumper and they had Red Velvet Cupcake as a special dessert. God awful. Not even really red. Dry and sad.

                  P.S. Also near Bake & Broil kind of unknown place in Signal Hill called Heavenly Fish Palace which makes their own cakes has Red Velvet. Very good also but only by the slice I believe. Hidden in industrial park off Cherry & Willow.

                  1. I believe Susiecakes in Brentwood might offer an entire cake. You certainly should be able to special-order it there, at Auntie Em's and at Doughboys.

                      1. Yes, at Aunti Em's, I saw them putting the icing on a huge red velvet cake...

                        1. Krust Cafe in Burbank, near the shuttered Vons on Verdugo where Martinos used to be.

                          1. The best in town is SusieCakes in Brentwood.

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                              SusieCakes does Red Velvet better than anyone. This place is so hot that you had better order your RVC early if you want that cake on Saturday. One day's heads-up will do the trick. That cake is addictive.

                            2. Gotta second (third?) Auntie Em's in Eagle Rock.
                              The best.-

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                                The Melli Belli Red Velvet Cupcakes are like a slice of heaven... got them at Elixir on Melrose...not the Tea Garden.

                              2. Sweet Lady Jane's red velvet is sooo delicious. Great icing, too.