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Feb 20, 2007 08:32 AM

Tasting menu for 30th birthday?

I'm looking for a restaurant with a full tasting menu with wine pairing to celebrate my wife's 30th birthday which will be in a few month's time. What will be your recommendations? We are coming from San Francisco.

Thanks in advance.

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  1. I'm not positive they have a tasting menu with wine pairing (I think they do) - but Clancy's Restaurant (6100 Annunciation St.) has an amazing wine list and phenomenal food. I really have had some of the best food anywhere in the U.S. at this place. You might want to call later this week (wait for Mardi Gras hangover to pass) and ask.

    1. I had the tasting menu at Cuvee last fall for my birthday, and we were really impressed. I didn't get the wine pairing, but Cuvee is supposed to have a great selection. My DH and father-in-law also really enjoyed the tasting menu at August. Then there's the lobster tasting menu at Stella! if you really want to blow it out. I think they have a non-lobster one as well.

      1. OHHH, while I have never had the wine tasting at Stella, all of my meals have been superb! I find it on the cozy/more romantic side, stellar service and wonderful food! I would love a lobster tasting there....and heading to NOLA soon, thanks for letting us know!

        1. I haven't done a pairing at Stella!, but the food and service is fabulous. Cuvee has wonderful food too and a great wine list. I have done the pairing at August and it was outstanding.

          1. This is one thread, that I am going to follow closely, as we very often do "tasting menus," and let the sommelier do the pairings elsewhere. In my years of living in NO and then visiting many, many times, dining my way across the city, I do not recall any, but hope that several are suggested.