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Feb 20, 2007 08:30 AM

Looking for walkable nightime venues by the Tabard Inn

I guess that said it all. We'll be out gallivanting in the daytime, but we'd like to stay close by the Tabard at night. We'll eat there once or twice, but need some variety. We're seniors, but still love food adventures - maybe not as spicy as in the past!

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  1. There are lots of choices. P Street, just beyond Dupont Circle, has several good restaurants--Obelisk (my favorite restaurant in Washington, prix fixe, very small and serious Italian); Pesce (never been but just reviewed favorably in Post--fish); Al Tiramisu, small crowded traditional Italian, haven't been in a couple of years but always liked.

    Around the corner on Connecticut is the Dupont branch of Heritage India. The one on Wisconsin Avenue is still, i think, DC's best Indian. The Dupont branch isn't quite as good, in my one experience, but still quite good.

    On 17th Street, just up from Tabard, is Komi, again, never been but very high marks from other posters on this board. And the menu looks good when I've walked past. Serious, med-influenced food.

    1. Obelisk, Pesce and Komi are all serious restaurants, well worth trying. I also especially like Mourayo, on Connecticut a few blocks above Dur Cir, a classy, innovative Mediterranean place.

      1. It depends on what you like, how much you want to spend, and how far you are willing to walk. In addition to the ones already mentioned, try Hank's Oyster Bar (1624 Q St.) or Pesce (2016 P Street) for seafood, Heritage India (1337 Connecticut Ave), The Palm if you want steaks and power watching (1225 19th St.) or Malaysia Kopitiam (1827 M St.) for Indonesian food.

        The truth is, feel free to use the METRO, which is easy to use and has a stop at Dupont Circle, to go to Cleveland Park and dine at Dino (great Italian and a fantastic wine list), Palena (one of the finest restaruants in DC and good, less expensive food at the Cafe in front), Indique for Indian food, or Lavandou for country French. All are within a block of the Cleveland Park METRO stop.

        1. I love Zorba's, right on Connecticut. Reasonably priced Greek food. There's no table service (you order at the counter), but it's a good place for a nice lunch.