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Feb 20, 2007 08:17 AM

What's your "bedtime snack"?

I cannot go to sleep without a piece of toast.

This bedtime snack is such a part of my quiet-down, night-time ritual that if we come home late from dining out, I still need my sad little toast square before I can sleep. Condiment can vary (a little butter, jam, pb)... but there must be toast.

Do you have a regular bed-time snack?

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  1. A few triscuits with some cheese!

    1. i def go for the cheese. usually with a wasa or bran crisp or something with a nice chunk of fiber. but, yeah, cheese it is. i mean, if i am weaker than normal i would opt for a nice hunk of chocolate but heres hoping that i can keep that under control:)

      1. I love to set aside 30 minutes before I get ready for bed, usually around midnight, for a glass of wine, some almonds and a good book. my mother did it while I was growing up, and now I do it too. it's a great way to wind down from a busy day and have some "me" time.

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          1. This is gonna sound wierd I am telling you right now...bacon and cereal. I will wake up and make it at 3 in the morning.