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Feb 20, 2007 08:16 AM

Uses for Za'atar?

Pursuant to my never ending quest for new flavors, I did what I usually do - picked up a spice that I never heard of before I knew how to use it. I was in a Persian market and I picked up a sort of large (1 - 1.5 cups) jar of Za-atar. I really don't know how it is used. Is it something you put on or in other food? Any recipes to use it? (not recipes to make it, b/c I came across several of those). Thanks!

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  1. It's good on hummus or pita. It's yummy. Just sprinkle it all over.

    1. Love it on hummus and pita too. Sprinkle it over sauteed onion when making a rice pilaf or over cooked rice even. It's great on grilled meat and incorporated into meatballs.
      Would be good in salad dressing, or simply sprinkled over cucumbers in a "greek" salad.

      1. So yummy on pita and then dipped into hummus- or with some mild cheese melted on top... oh so good! (try different middle eastern cheese)

        1. I cut up new potatoes of all colors, toss in olive oil,salt , pepper, and zatar, maybe a few sesame seeds. Then I raost them in a 375 degree oven till they get lovely and crisp. A nice side dish with lamb or beef, or even on top of a mediterranian salad with tahini dressing.

          1. its good with olive oil as a bread dip. you can either serve warm bread with olive oil with za'atar in it, or put out a separate bowl of za'atar to sprinkle on the oil dipped bread.

            its also really nice on scrambled eggs, or on/with various cheeses, goat chevre, feta, etc.